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VANCOUVER Orlando Brown Jr. Hoodie , Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Canadian premiere of "Opera Warriors" was staged at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Canada's West Coast city of Vancouver Tuesday night.

The five-act performance tells the story through dance and movement of three talented Beijing Opera actors in the early 20th Century. The story follows their lives through their loves, losses Maxx Williams Hoodie , fears and shared struggles to bring beauty to the stage.

The performers have been training for three years to prepare for this show, whose story is brought to life by the feats of strength amid beauty and grace.

"Opera Warriors" is presented as part of the cultural exchange program called Image China Ronnie Stanley Hoodie , which introduces China's traditional culture and contemporary arts to the world.

The show is presented by the China Arts and Entertainment Group, and includes select dancers from the Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble of Shanxi Academy of Arts.

Liu Siyuan Marlon Humphrey Hoodie , a professor of theater and film with Canada's University of British Columbia, told Xinhua that it was really nice to see a dance piece done in this way.

"It's a dance piece that focuses on traditional theater and features all the skills so well Mark Andrews Hoodie , and it tells the stories of the hardship and the hard work of the Beijing opera actors so well," Liu said.

The show's production director Wang Jinghua told Xinhua the performance will introduce Canadians to a major slice of China's culture and performing arts history.

"I think there are many Chinese cultural things in this drama which can be shown to the world Hayden Hurst Hoodie , to all of the audiences. I think it's very important to let the world know about this fantastic drama," she said.

One performer Justin Tucker Hoodie , Du Yuejiao, said that for every performance Terrell Suggs Hoodie , she would put all her efforts into the rehearsal and also the main performance.


ISTANBUL, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- E-commerce and drone technology are seen as fresh impetus to the world's postal sector, as a Universal Postal Congress underway here has been exploring the best means to face the fierce competition.

Transportation ministers from 50 countries met on Tuesday in Istanbul, determining e-commerce and unmanned delivery by air to be the new hope for a sector beset by growing influence of new technologies and the internet.

The ministers mainly focused on how the postal service in each country can better serve the nations and citizens in a rapidly changing world and help grow the economy and drive development.

""The criteria of success in the 21st century are renewal and innovation,"" said Ahmet Arslan, Turkey's minister of transport, maritime and communication. ""It is unavoidable that the postal sector follows.""

""The postal sector has pledged to realize the dreams of entrepreneurs who are eager to sail in the sea of e-commerce,"" the minister added.

Singapore's national postal service drew the attention of the congress, as it has managed to increase sales despite decreasing postal operations.

The Singaporean service, by moving toward e-commerce, is now in a position to dominate the entire Asia, noted the magazine published by the Turkish Postal Service (PTT).

The ministerial meeting of the postal congress laid significant importance on and discussed the ways to improve services to rural areas.

""The postal sector is dedicated to easing the lives of those in the most deserted places of the world who could only communicate with the rest of the world via posts,"" Minister Arslan said.

""We see that at times post offices are the only points of connection between small settlements and civilization,"" said Rashid Ismailov, Russia's deputy minister of telecom and mass communications.

He called for the global postal sector to reach the widest segment possible.

Sector representatives agreed that deliveries with drones in rural areas will be much easier than the conventional means.

How to better approach those living in apartments in crowded cities remains unclear, however.

Experts predicted that as the drone technology is widely adopted in ten years, the delivery costs will be reduced by half, according to the PTT magazine.

The PTT has been preparing to launch its own drone project in the very near future, the company's head Kenan Bozgeyik announced recently.

The Universal Postal Congress, the supreme authority of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), is aiming for a new world postal strategy for the three-year period running from 2017 to 2020 at its latest meeting.

Some 2,000 delegates from 192 UPU member nations are participating in the current congress, a quadrennial event.


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