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There are literally thousands of free and pay to enter competitions about at the moment. They range from the simple enter your details to win a gift voucher type competitions to the spot the ball type pay to enter competitions where you can competition win a supercar.

More often than not these take the form of Online competitions designed for the sole purpose ofbeing promoted online!

The question we at 100to1shot Online Competitions want to ask is simple!

Do you know anybody who has actually won something?

Even more to the point do you know somebody who has actually won something substantial?
in any of these competitions?

The reality is even if somebody does win you will never know unless it was you of course http://www.cheapnfltexansjerseys.com/jeff-allen-jersey/ , which has always left me feeling dubious about the validity of these competitions. I don’t think this applies to all of the competitions out there, there are obviously a great deal of them that are genuine. But the way these competitions work leaves the entrants open to a great deal of exploitation.

What’s to stop unscrupulous company’s offering prizes which don't exist just for the purposes of capturing your data?
And if they have already tricked you into handing over your data you can be sure they won’tthink twice about selling it to the highest bidder putting you on all sorts of mailing lists you don’t want to be on.

The other possibility is that the prize is genuine but to justify a decent give away the company will want to capture thousands of names to add to their database! Meaning the odds of you winning are so slim is it even worth it?

It was out of this uncertainty that the 100to1shot Online Competitions concept was born.

1. Give people a real chance of winning Cash or Prizes by limiting the number of entrants to a maximum of 100
2. Give people the opportunity to win smaller prizes for free in the knowledge that there will never be more than 100 entrants
3. Give people the opportunity to win larger prizes by paying to enter a competition where there will never be more than 100 entrants
4. And most importantly keep people informed as to the status of their entry into that competition. With email alerts and a website which constantly updates it status!

So Come on we would love to hear from you!
Do you know anyone who has won something in one of these Competitions?
Please leave your comment below

And go back to the main site www.100to1shot to enter our free prize draw with a Jackpot of £100

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