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Manuel Pellegrini insisted the battle for the top four is not finished after Manchester City were held to a 2-2 draw by Arsenal on Sunday.Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne twice put City ahead at the Etihad but they were pegged back by goals from Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez.Citys destiny is now out of their hands, with Manchester United assured of a top-four finish if they win their final two games against West Ham and Bournemouth, but Pellegrini, who was overseeing his last home game in charge, was defiant in defeat. Its not finished, Pellegrini told Sky Sports. When things are not in your own hands you need to depend on other teams, but in football you never know, we will have our heads up and not give up until the last day. Pellegrini said his goodbyes to the Manchester City fans We need to wait for the Manchester United result, then we will think about our last game which we need to win. When you dont depend on yourself its more difficult.City created the majority of the chances against Arsenal and went close to a late winner when Wilfried Bony volleyed against the bar.It was not the way we wanted to finish the season at home, said Pellegrini. We deserved to win this game, we played very well for 90 minutes, but in football you must score the goals. Sergio Aguero opened the scoring for City We were a bit unlucky with some of the chances but we could not win. We were playing against a very good team, but in the first 45 minutes only one team was in it. We just couldnt keep our advantage.Pellegrinis three-year spell at City will come to an end next Sunday with a trip to Swansea.I wanted a different goodbye of winning the game, playing attacking and attractive football that we have for most of the three years I have been here, Pellegrini added. The team gave a good answer in the game but if you dont win its not the same to say goodbye. The three years were wonderful and unforgettable and I hope this club continues improving in the future.Also See:Man City 2-2 ArsenalAs it happenedDraw disappoints FernandinhoGet a £10 free bet!Cheap Sneakers Online Canada . The No. 1-ranked Nadal tweaked his back warming up for the Australian Open final, which he lost almost four weeks ago in a major upset against Stanislas Wawrinka. His first stop after the layoff is the clay in Rio as he tests the back and tries to stay healthy for the French Open in three months. Cheap Sneakers Canada .J. -- Pitcher Carl Pavano is retiring after 14 major league seasons. http://www.wholesalesneakerscanada.com/ . Hey!" The lower tier of the School End of Queens Park Rangers Loftus Road was packed solid with a very festive-sounding Chelsea choral section in this particular part of South Africa Road London, W12. Wholesale Sneakers Online . Both players have lower body injuries that will keep them out of the lineup until at least January 31, which is the first game they can be activated from IR. Wholesale Sneakers Canada . The defending champion beat Gael Monfils of France 7-6 (6), 6-3, while second-seeded Andy Murray of Britain dispatched Edouard Roger-Vasselin, also of France, 6-3, 6-3. Making his first appearance since injuring his wrist a month ago, Del Potro had difficulty with his service games in the first set.I think bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel ... the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood. -- Susan B. Anthony, 1896Girls who break camp and ride,daughters of iron fleur-de-lis andpearl sankofa, smashing homeruns,charting backhands, in city sandlots,with floral abstractions and lightningrod detail, calculating their girl futureson urban stoops, long after dark,long before Wimbledonssilver trays spell out their planetarynames. Foremothers, women of ryeinvention in the business of movement& motion, concoction & measure,The Paper Bag, 1868,belongs to them.They rode their bicycles out of tightboxes and off their chains into a propellerof girl wind, only to discover thewide stained glass slide of themselves,they sallied forth and circled,in drums of cotton and sailboats of lace,salty & pugnacious, riding with handlebars but with no hands,Sue Sally Hale, colored in a mustache and dressed like a man just to play polo in Southern California in 1950.Juggling dream notes and sketches tenfeet in the provincial air, as their bikesflew the red dirt roads, women of wheelwind now giving historical permission totheir daughters traipsing gridirons, pitchingdiamonds, running the wooden courts,sleeping with their hands still arced inblack belt tunics and butterfly capoeira.This love song is for those who masteredthe almost falling over, in order to relishthe sublime female flight of up & away,the journey of female physical intentionAnnie Taylor, first human to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.The great girl flight is the tumbling from asolid, to a liquid, to a gas. Full throttle withwheels calculating the circumference ofinvisibility, fending off trumpets of chivalryand doubt, giving birth to shy daughters inneed of the sweet roux of their own bluecornflower flame. Contortionist swangirls of the track and field thathail from Housing Projects and Hollers,measuring the mechanics of their owndust tracks on the road, sweating the detailsand leaving their girl trace,The Murphy Bed, 1885,is one of their contraptions.Wrapping lavender and rosemary garlandaround the velocity of their handlebars,they sing and sign to the whirling, pirouetting,dervish band of other girls with wheelsfeverishly bringing up the rear, eyes andaureoles leaned in, pressing on aroundeach bend, loop de looping the arenawith their mighty wheelworks mastery.The circumference of a girl who wontback down is a registered trademarkmotion. On wheels, no longer standingstill they learn what makes them tick.Remembering how their mothers madequiet haste of cabin fever, preferring torqueto meander, saying No to any parade ofpretty dainty wave.Cathay Williams was also William Cathay, Secret woman & Buffalo Soldier, 1866.They would rather be chased and nevercaught, than stared at and never seen,daring, wild, and crooked free, and womanenough to build their own time capsules,The Windshield Wiper, 1903,invented by a girl.Sometimes a girl can sail her bicycle,sometimes her arm is already the wheel,she is the girl-woman of the double-quickhips, twerking with her kickstand up,Virne Mitchell, pitcher, who struck out Babe Ruth. Women would later be bannedfrom the sport.They refashion new arenas for womenwho fence and cover their hair, withcrescent and purpose, then lunge withmight and fearless heart.Monopoly, the game, 1904,was invented by her kind.No bra or bodice, she is at homewith her inner workings and the quickcockpit of her mind.ddddddddddddNobodys Foolcomes tattooed across her back beneath herhoodie. This great grand daughter, thesister, the lover to the woman who inventedthe circular saw in 1813,then bloomers in 1851.Verve and gadget set them apart fromothers, they are comfortable in theirrunning shoes and bloomers, relaxedwith themselves in an easy loose-fittingkind of way. Sing the love song againstthe liar who has tried, since the Gamesof Hera, to tell us who they are, fillthe silence that can set in quick whena girl is told from stroller wheel towheelchair, A girls mind is not that quick.Watch closely for the girl who is intenton spinning her wheels in the cockpit,Bessie Coleman, piloting herJenny into Paris, smiling downat the ones who told her shewould never fly a plane.Near the hoop, around the arena,past the insult, into the microphone,women who invented exertion,who thought go & travel a fragrance,The female Sumo wrestlers of 1870. Hattie Stewart, pugilist, 1884. The Women of Roller Derby.Girls who GirlTrek and gad about forfreedom from inertia, in the name ofgetting the lead out, with the same DNAas the women who inventedScotchgard, 1953, andKevlar, 1965 (5 times tougher than steel).From the wombs of women whobent forward all day in high cotton,beyond the wired corsets of motherswho could not leave the house(and still be thought of a lady),into the high notes of womenprone to move, girls made fromthe cloth of loose womenremoving their corsets withoutpermission, strait-laced womenwho took years but finally learnedto disobey the rules, then who withfists and fisticuffs fought back.We march into the new Hippodrome,in the name of women who twitch & move,to honor the long-legged, the short-limbed,the lanky girls, who uncrossed their legs,who rode by emancipated on their wheels,the loud whistling women who wantedout of the house, off the plantation,into the street, inside the ring,Ernestine Shepherd, 74, body builder. Women endowed with a wheel of a mind,moving their body at the speed of girl light,with sometimes a bat, a ball, a pencil,pushing off with ink, back flip, triple flute.Who sprint and glide into home with hairfastidiously beaded and cornrowed, withthe rubberbands of their ponytails pullingback their mothers eyes. Women whodreamed beyond the screened-in porchand backyard fence. A band of womenalive and well, who still saddle up theirmythological bikes, pioneering all the way,Retractable Dog Leash, 1908,Liquid Paper, 1951,to strike out on their own. Tomboys.Girls on bikes. Dykes on Bikes. Sweetgraying daughters of Title IX. All, us,kin to the women who run the Saharashoeless and at night, and the Kenyangirls of tomorrow now sprinting with themoon, granddaughters of keen women,who cant stand the standing still,who crave the nimbus and the eddy,and the flight, our girl XX DNA isin it, wheel in hand. Well Alpine race it,balance beam it, figure skate it,The Submarine Telescope, 1845,forearm it, curl & summit, CasterSemenya it, wheel in hand, we ignitefootfall, leave our trace, plantingAchilles and Sojourner, spinning still,from a solidto a liquidto a gas.Nikky Finney has written four books of poetry, including Head Off & Split, for which she won the 2011 National Book Award. She wrote this original piece for the 2016 espnW Women + Sports Summit. ' ' '

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