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DB: From all of the hall of famers youve played with, who did you learn the most about the game from just watching them play?CC: A combination of (thinking). I guess If you mixed them all together because they were all quite the players, but Nick Lidstrom is probably the answer. Just his demeanor, settling down and becoming a more relaxed player, not taking penalties. But just being more disciplined and skilled at the position. But from Steve Yzerman, his work ethic. He had skill, but I dont care what anyone says, yeah he had skill and was a natural goal scorer, but he worked at it Stevie. He really worked at it.DB: You must still have that competitive spirit, what do you do to keep it flowing?CC: Yeah, I mountain bike a lot, I snowboard a lot. So, I wouldnt exactly call it competetive because I dont compete. But sometimes it turns into races with the group of guys in California that I mountain bike with. But to be honest with you after competeing for that many years, I dont need to come in first anymore, I just need to finish (laughs). But Im still doing a lot of stuff like you mentioned, to fill that void, but mostly its that adrenaline rush is what I miss. And Ive managed to fill that by doing some of these things. #81777567 / gettyimages.com DB: Do you go biking with any of the guys from the Malibu Mob?CC: Yeah, its basically that group of guys. If Im going to name drop, I go with Laird Hamilton the big wave surfer, John McEnroe, theres a big group of us, the guy from Rage Against The Machine Tim Commerford. They turn it into races every once in a while. But like I said, I just like going out into the mountains with them and being able to exercise and have fun. But yeah, for sure it gets a little competitive.DB: In your book, you talk about how Yzerman, Shanahan and some of the other guys used to drink top shelf wine at restaurants. What was the most expensive bottle you ever remember ordering?CC: Honestly, I never payed attention because they were the ones doing all the ordering. All I know is that at the end of the meal, there was a high price tag. But most of it was the night before games, so you dont go crazy, you order a bottle or two, split it between four guys. But I wasnt much on wine, it was too tough the next day.(HHOF Images)DB: Most memorable moment from the Stanley Cup party Kid Rock threw you guys in 2002?CC: Oh it was wild! I mean, just to see the whole team and his whole band together. Robby had entertained us before just him, but the whole team had never got the chance, especially in such an intimate venue. The bar was at the most 2000 sq.ft., maybe 150 or 200 people, so just the scene of all the players and having them on the stage with the Cup. I mean, it was pretty unreal to see that type of setting and how much fun everybody was having.DB: What was it like singing karaoke with Eddie Vedder? Is this your most memorable karaoke performance or unmemorable maybe?CC: (Laughs) Yeah, probably non-memorable because I was so terrible at it. But that weve actually done a few times, most of the time it was for our charity event that we do in Chicago. We always had it in a friends bar called Stanleys. But yeah, its great when youre doing it, but then when you see the video youre wishing it never came out. But hes in a class of his own.DB: Apparently, youre a big sauna guy. How hot can you stand it in there?CC: Yeah, but I dont think its so much the temperature as the amount of time that I spend in there. The activities that I do in there as well, I ride the bike, lift weights or do circuits in there. But its like anything else, the more you do it, the higher your tollerance. I wouldnt advise it to anybody whos not an athlete, obviously. But I think for any person, like my parents for example, they do infrared saunas, its low heat. But its helped my dads diabetes, its cured my moms artheritis. So, I just think its a great way to treat your body and get rid of all the toxics and bad things in your body.DB: At the end of the outdoor classic alumni game this past year, you pulled one of the strangest goal celebrations anyones ever seen. Was this preplanned, was it spur of the moment?CC: Nah, Ive been doing that since college. I always just thought it was cool. I would have never done it in an NHL game but it was the perfect time, I knew I had to score early while the ice was still good to pull it off. But yeah, kids all over Michigan are doing it now and theyre hurting their necks. So, be careful!DB: You played many years with Pavel Datsyuk and he was pretty much an unknown when he joined the team. When did you realize he was going to be a special player? You played with many Hall of Famers, did he stand out at all in practice when he was young?CC: You know its unreal playing with him and everyday in practice he was trying those moves. Working at them, trying to perfect them and then finally hed pull them off in a game. So, Id like to say he makes it up as he goes along sometimes, but he sure works a lot at it in practice. Theres still some unreal things hes got left in his bag of tricks that I havent seen him try in a game yet... Probably because hes too shy, he doesnt want to showboat (Laughs). But Id like to see him try and pull off some of the things he does in practice.DB: You played with perhaps two of the greatest goaltenders of all time, Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek. When you were defending in front of the net and the goalie was barking at you, who was harder to understand?CC: (Laughs) Well, Dom was most difficult to understand because of his accent. But usually it was the same thing he was always shouting out. And all he would be saying was, "I must see! I must see!" Thats all you hear coming from back there was, "I must see!" And then there was Patrick and Eddie Belfour I played with, who were pretty quite, but all three of them were extremely competitive.DB: Can you go BarDown?CC: To be honest, Im not familiar with the phrase (laughs).DB: Well, basically its when you shoot the puck, it hits the crossbar and goes in the net. Its called scoring bardown.CC: Oh, wow! Ive never heard that before (laughs). Well, Ive done it over the course of my career, but not on a real consistant basis. I mean if you look at the goalies back when I played, the best place to shoot would be on the ice because they didnt even go down. So, personally, I prefer shooting on the ice. Cheap Jordans For Sale . Just ask last seasons Supporters Shield winners, the New York Red Bulls, who were resoundingly defeated last weekend by a rampant Vancouver Whitecaps in a match which produced two contenders for MLS Goal of the Week from Sebastian Fernandez and Pedro Morales. Wholesale Authentic Jordans .com) - The Pittsburgh Penguins will try to complete a sweep of the Washington Capitals when the clubs cap a quick home-and-home series Tuesday night in the Steel City. http://www.realjordanshoescheap.com/ . According to the Globe and Mail, a decision between the NHL and the Players Association should come within the six months. "I can tell you, (a decision) shouldnt take all that long," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Globe and Mail. Air Jordan Outlet .Y. -- The New York Islanders were merely content with a lopsided victory. Cheap Jordans From China . Nine-year veteran Danny Granger did not make his debut with the Clippers because of a technicality on the teams active list, which is signed by coach Doc Rivers before every game and relayed to the officials. Grangers name was printed by hand by a member of the public relations staff under the heading: "Updated Roster Additions," but the number on the sheet was not circled along with the other active players by the required deadline of 6:30 p.BARCELONA, Spain - Espanyol beat Getafe 2-0 for its first win in the Spanish league under new coach Sergio Gonzalez on Thursday.After a drab first half with one scoring chance for each side, Getafe carried the weight of the attack after halftime and Espanyol needed goalkeeper Kiko Casilla to turn back Miguel Michel Alfonso in the 49th minute.But Sergio Garcia put the hosts iin control in the 66th when he volleyed Salva Sevillas gently placed lob beyond goalkeeper Vicente Guaita.ddddddddddddSubstitute forward Christian Stuani sealed the much-needed win for Espanyol in the 82nd when he put in his own rebound.Getafe went scoreless for the third straight game and recorded its fourth loss in five rounds.Valencia hosted Cordoba late. ' ' '

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