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Plastic machinery production ranks first for 11 years

Plastic machinery production ranks first for 11 years

China's plastic machinery production ranks first for consecutive 11 years Ben Zobrist Jersey , playing leading role in the world.

"China's plastics machinery production reaches 29.0427 million units last year, continue to maintain the world's first consecutively 11 years. After the rapid development of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's plastics machinery industry is no longer an insignificant industry, its leading role is very impressive.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics of China's 330 above-scale enterprises in plastics machinery industry, the 2011 industry-wide production yields, total industrial output value Kris Bryant Jersey , industrial sales output value, and other major economic indicators all maintained a momentum of rapid growth, creating a record high.

Regard to exports, in 2011, industry export delivery value reached 8.059 billion yuan, kept an increase of 33 percent compared with last year Kyle Schwarber Jersey , creating the best result in history. It is closely connected with some enterprises optimize the export product mix, vigorously consolidate traditional markets, roots in the markets of developed countries to further open up South America, Russia and other free trade zone, and emerging market strategies.

Backbone enterprises play important roles in this round of growth. Private enterprise and small and medium-sized enterprise are major features of China's plastics machinery industry. According to statistics, the industry-wide enterprises Javier Baez Jersey , private enterprises, occupy more than 95% of the total number of SMEs accounting for enterprises. Because the majority of entrepreneurs establish adhere to the industry, adhere to the philosophy of the main industry, firm a bigger and stronger determination, adhere to the development of high-end chain, the whole industry is struggling to break through Ryne Sandberg Jersey , keeping a good situation.

Currently, the industry-wide sales reached more than 100 million yuan backbone enterprises have more than 30. Under their leadership, a large number of small businesses to be creatively and constantly go beyond the spirit, has made extraordinary achievements in the industry, somewhere, to become an important force for development of the industry economy.

2011 plastic machinery industry economy has made remarkable achievements Ernie Banks Jersey , giving the "12th Five-Year development a good start. However, there are some new situations and problems worthy of attention. For example, since April last year, the economic operation of the trend of growth is slowing down, there has been increase in the cost of doing business, gradually narrowing profit margins Ron Santo Jersey , irrational economic structure, technological innovation is not strong enough, transformation and upgrading of steps to be other issues.

For these problems, I hope the industry to maintain a clear mind, to further enhance the development confidence and determination, while avoiding disadvantages Andre Dawson Jersey , turning crises into opportunities, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, make efforts to promote stable and rapid development of industry, economy.

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