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There is congratulations.
Thought to speak a few lines with Teng green mountain.
Wanted to invite a Teng green mountain, accept them, a certain and kin son niece was a pupil of, the Teng green mountain is 27 pupils, the real strenght is so high, is entitle to accept pupil.
In fine, this war, thoroughly established the position of Teng green mountain.
"The position is respected, depend of is real strenght."The Teng green mountain is dark to sigh a , on nine state the earths, is so!Want to win high regard, will depend on oneself of hands!The ear listens to for falsely, the eye see for solid.Outside alleging Teng green mountains is much severe, the many pupils, the non-commissioned officers heart bottom can not necessarily admit.
Truely see that war, just admire sincerely to take orally!
"The day after tomorrow in the strong claim leadership calculate what!On nine state the earths, truely severe of, is a strong inborn!BE returning a dollar religion, once becoming a strong inborn, directly be'enforce the law elder', the position is detached!"The Teng green mountain heart bottom thinks of, is how to attain inborn.In the morning that compliment, flatter, the Teng green mountain can't have a little self-satisfied.
The Teng green mountain starts, immediately crosses legs to sit on the hallway and tries to do a true dollar of the first inborn of once again.
The rain water doesn't extremely is continuous, morning till the second day, the rain-storm became a light rain and remained the bottom of the Xi Xi Li Li.
The Teng green mountain opens eyes.
Crossed legs in the hallway to sit in seat of honor for a night, the clothes of Teng green mountain were a bit wet.
In"《 You month gun Dian 》 , concerning the method that steps into inborn, I the self-discipline foot contain nine days, some actions all have no."Teng green mountain the eyebrows is wrinkly, " can ask teacher!"The Teng green mountain washes Shu for a while later on, support the umbrella had breakfast and directly sought a various Ge dollar after Hong.
Various Ge dollar the den of the Hong greatly opens, various Ge dollar Hong barefoot, cover with to spread long hair, wear relaxed full-length gown, is writing freely Chinese brush-pen before desk, the censer on the desk top is filling the air to go to battle a sandalwood flavor.
"Teacher!"The Teng green mountain stands on polite way in the doorway.
", Green mountain."The various Ge dollar Hong head doesn't lift as well, but slow-moving, but quickly wield Chinese brush-pen, " comes in."
The Teng green mountain walks into den and smells that sandalwood flavor, heart not from rather quiet down.He calms down the quiet station is in one side and also make no noise.He cans see, teacher painting of is a landscape painting, slightly several Chiens, the rock gutters appeared on the painting paper, lead a short moment, various Ge dollar Hong just stop to set down on paper.
"This painting, most at least draw just can become till noon."The various Ge dollar Hong smiles to looking at a Teng green mountain, " green mountain, do you like to paint?"
"Do not like."The Teng green mountain shakes head.
"In fact paint, is do the good way of mood."Various Ge dollar Hong exclamation way, " for example when you cut up rough can draw the scene of wildfire combustion house, the flavor of that exasperation, completely contain a painting.Let people at the sight of the painting, can feel this flame to can burn everything, that madness, cut up rough all without exception and contain among them."
"Under different mood, also need to control good paintbrush, painting like painting, can not appear flaw in writing!This to the control of mood, the request is the also the highest!"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
The Teng green mountain point nods.
Want to express the artistic conception of a painting, first, painting the technical skill must attain the highest time, painting the technical skill is foundation.
"The self-discipline that attains an inborn empress is the self-discipline to the mood, the feeling Wu of state."The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile, " green mountain, you must learn a way that whets to do mood!In that 《You month gun Dian 》 , there is the way to write a Chinese brush-pen word, is a practice to write'month'word of, a 'month'word, total 18 kinds of write a method.The ancients creates a word, isn't a beard plait to build indiscriminately and write, dip into among them, can really feel endless lingering charm that word contains."
The Teng green mountain nods and still keeps remaining mum!

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