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What about Teng green mountain mouth a smile.
Once the long gun point of a spear pick and turn to make a quickly passing time again a sting to the Zang Feng.
The gun copies like a root benefit arrows!
Ten thousand arrowses together shoot!
A gun shadow, good a group of snakes, fight to be the first ground to bite toward the Zang Feng, the Zang Feng holds to fight knife all alone and holds knife sheath all alone.The foot step is vivid, constantly avoid being seen Teng to move, fight knife, knife sheath in the hand is also constantly resist.Have 1:00-he is in the continuous countermarch!
"How may, how may, how can and so?"
In the countermarch, anxious in the heart of Zang Feng thousand times.
"I want an attack!"
The Zang Feng wants an attack, but Teng green mountain each gun contain a spiral strength, each gun well hide a whirlpool.And the Teng green mountain practices over a long period of time'three body types', to that living an interest not of artistic conception, the comprehension ground deepens to engrave more.Inseparable marksmanship completely covered with opponent!
A gun connects one gun, a whirlpool links a whirlpool!
Difficultly resist one the gun is another gun, but, living an interest the continuous and never-failing marksmanship make Zang Feng not well sink into a huge whirlpool.
The Zang Feng is completely tied up, he has no place to escape!Of Zang Feng feels his/her own knife method, can not display at all and resists to all sadly want to throw up blood every time!
Don't say to is a Zang Feng!
Connect a strong of inborn'department Ma Qing', bewitching monster after transmuting'red scale monster', drive Teng green mountain of'inseparable'marksmanship once tying up, all hard flounce.
Just like a boat, sink into among the one and other wave.
Difficultly resist one and other wave, but ……eventually once, the boat would turn over!
The knife sheath throws to fly!
Of Zang Feng leaves a hand in of one handle war knife, his forehead is full to is a sweat bead, the facial expression rises red, eyes stare roll a circle, the dead dead stares at that a way gun shadow.
Sees one handle war the knife throw to fly!
"!"The Zang Feng is painfully deep and low to hoarse voice to ring out.
Is silent!
The one is silent!
Sees war on the stage, the Zang Feng falls to sit on the ground, facial expression deadly pale.But the transmigration of soul gun of the Teng green mountain the point of a spear is unexpectedly sticking the throat of Zang Feng.
Gradually there was absolute being in"I, I ……" eyes of Zang Feng, he feared behind the ground looking at an in the moment silvery long gun, feel that point of a spear spreads of uncanny warm up touch, he is just clear to see, that long the gun directly stab toward his throat, "did not I die?This Teng green mountain ……unexpectedly in the final reckoning, stop?"
Several thousand black A soldier non-commissioned officers on field in the school, about ten thousand core pupils the momentary is all foolish.
This war, very short!
In addition to the Zang Feng relentless split in the beginning one knife, and then faced Teng green mountain that gun shadow that imitated a Buddha dashing tidewater sort, only ward off of dint.Cover with in the terrible long gun of that violent storm hurricane sort under, Zang Feng good weak sheep, unwillingly resist a few breath efforts, wink an effort, the knife sheath threw to fly, later on, fight knife be also shaken to fly!
Lose of suffer a crushing defeat!
The high on the stage of field in the school edge, the various Ge dollar Hong and 2 sitting enforce the law elder 3 people and also all pour to take a suck at spirit.
"Very fierce marksmanship!"That hair flower white the old praise highly a way.
Various Ge dollar Hong also eyes put light, great way:"Green mountain he when 100 men are long to battle out is also this marksmanship.However ……at that time, basically have no the livinged an interest not of perfect artistic conception.The power of each gun all connects with each other, once the first gun break not to open and face a green mountain continuous and never-failing gun shadow, will sink into the territory ground that can not struggle!"

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