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Led for a long time, the Teng green mountain felt oneself's pubic region rises of, can not store more inside the strength any further.
"H'm, Be getting fuller?In"the Teng green mountain inwardly sighs, devote major efforts"according to 《 the Mang cow Jue 》 say, beginning cultivation inside strength of, the pubic region is very small, along with time more long, the pubic region is more and more big.One day there will, the pubic region attains an extreme limit, can not extend again, however I am apart from pubic region extreme limit, should still have some distances."
The pubic region size is vigorously limited, also limited inside the storage, not endless endless.
Is positive as it does, Wu Zhes, fighting the time would inside the exhaustion vigorously.
However along with the cultivation, the pubic region will become big gradually, seem to be the person's belly, the thing eating is more many, will support big, certainly have an extreme limit!Attain an extreme limit, again self-discipline, can not also become big.
In courtyard snow ground, the Teng green mountain sitting with the legs crossed has already become a snow man.
The Teng green mountain stood, accumulated snow Su Su but fall.
"9 F?So simple, I attained 9 F, to me, the most precious of, is still a 9 F, send out inside strength of formula for incantation!"Teng green mountain once the intention move, in the pubic region of inside strength, fiercely explosion, along is strange dashing through eight veins but, immediately the confluence flows out into better arm blood vessels.
The Teng green mountain feels blood vessels inside the body a burst of acute pain, once the facial expression of the pain change, inside strength connect quickly spread from the small blood vessels of arm.
"Chi Chi!"
It is many to shoot on snow ground inside the strength, peep out an eyelet.
"Very nearly."The Teng green mountain facial expression greatly changes.
Is just eight inside the strength, gush from is strange through eight veins, and then in the Teng green mountain in the middle of the arm confluence, the acceptance capacity of the arm blood vessels is rather strange through eight veins eight main blood vessels confluences.This confluence of inside strength too many, almost support a blood vessels of splitting the Teng green mountain better arm, luckily Teng each vein of green mountain all, immediately spread to open through a small small vein.
"My strange through eight veins too breadth, although can in a twinkling gush a lot of inside strength, the arm amount of blood vesselses is little, is tantamount to gun muzzle too small!This ammunition is also again many, can not in a twinkling drive out!It Be getting more regrettable."The Teng green mountain is helpless a smile.
At the beginning practice 6 F of time, the remit to match of inside strength little, the Teng green mountain arm blood vessels can also bear, don't go this time.
"See 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》medium say right, I must also spend to take a lot of time and open widely more blood vessels and nourished blood vessels."Teng green mountain dark way.
Hereafter of day inside, the Teng green mountain is leisurely and carefreely foolish in the black A soldier, in addition to usually practicing marksmanship, occasionally lead the non-commissioned officers practice horsemanship outside, rest time is all practicing 《Mang cow devote major efforts Jue 》 to carry on Yun to keep blood vessels and pass along with time, the blood vessels of Teng green mountain also gradually becomes add more of spacious, tough and resilient.

The chapter 20 dead hour summons!
Soon then arrived a year fiesta this day, year fiesta this day evening, Teng green mountain's truely experiencing the pupil of returning a dollar religion is much how!
Black A soldier, return a dollar core religion's pupil, outer circle pupil, three part of person's horses, add up to count myriad people, together gather on the vastest black A field in the military school.This number myriad people horse, is believing in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'and carried on to offer sacrifices to a big gift under the leading of many elderses, do obeisance a fiesta Yu emperor!
Later on, also carried on a noisy platform to have a competition, can triumphantly there is also reward in the middle of having a competition.
However ……
The Teng green mountain didn't take part in, while that next year fiesta have a competition and show off most of would be little Zong Zhu'various Ge cloud', various Ge cloud of'green optoelectronics sword Jue', power biggest, losing streak ten several persons, finally Yue loose make moves, and various Ge cloud a war.Various Ge cloud is forced to use'lightning flash nine swords', unexpectedly Be loose to defeat the Yue!

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