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Like this cross legs, be placed in empty rather of territory, calm down to fix a hour, then catch up 34 sleep of hours.
When dawn front of blackness past, in the whole world appear the time that the first puts on a bright color, the Teng green mountain opened an eye fine.
Immediately start, the Teng green mountain then beat for tea time of three body types, then stop next:"In those early years, inside boxing in the house attained respected master state, everyone thought to attain extreme achievement.Ji border can Zu teacher, create a tiger form magical power, can again promote the respected master real strenght!I even attain unprecedented extreme limit now, that I can be like a Ji border can the Zu teacher is similar, fore person foundation up, again create stronger Mi method, continue to raise inside boxing power in the house?"
Inside boxing in the house, it is the root of Teng green mountain.
《Tiger form magical power 》 has been invalid to the Teng green mountain at present, the body strength attains an extreme limit to promote again.
"The form idea boxing originates three body types, I can look for answer from three body types, but, how seek?"The Teng green mountain also feels, change in the Yan marksmanship process in, own boxing method state, higher than previous incarnation many.But, this promotes to temporarily have no help to the oneself's body character.
"Calculate, inside boxing in the house create a higher highest point, thousand in the last yearses, also the nobody breaks again, can not act precipitately!I strengthen real strenght now, the only way, be depend inside strength!"The Teng green mountain knows this.
Oneself 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 self-discipline arrives 6 F at present.
Bear ability by oneself blood vessels, can there are 30,000 catties of or so explosion dint, combine their oneselfs double the arm is 180,000 catties of huge dint, if oneself physique strength, inside strength the strength together break out, the double arm strength will be more than 200,000 catties.
To severe Wu Zhe.
The bodies are all weaker, generally have one 12,000 catties of energies Be getting more fairly good, and inside strength compare, can neglect not to account, can the Teng green mountain is contrary, but his body is stronger.
"Can only cherish, that 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》I only have ex-6 F!This empress 3 F, doing not know when can get."The dark way in the Teng green mountain heart.
That very day morning, after having breakfast, the non-commissioned officers of black A soldier started a morning exercise again.
The non-commissioned officers are dressed in heavy A, a time stabs long gun.
The Teng green mountain practices marksmanship by the side of the brigade of 100 oneselfs, however, the dissimilarity that practices with the non-commissioned officers, the long gun stabs speed in the Teng green mountain hand the quickest, have already changed magically ten unreal images, a gun shadow connects a gun shadow and imitates Buddha a transmigration of soul, continuous and not unique.
Those non-commissioned officers that do a gun suddenly shout a way.
"H'm?"The Teng green mountain turns a head to see toward these non-commissioned officers, the one among the non-commissioned officers connects a direction flank not distance:"Adult, there!"
The Teng green mountain turns a head to see go, sees field in the school side up, the various Ge of whole body green dress green positive dynasty he connect beckon with the hand, Teng green mountain this just accepts a gun dynasty there walk pass by.
"Green miss, how did you come?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised.
", Is my elder brother."The various Ge is green to say, " he yesterday and dad, this 《the Mang cow devoted major efforts Jue 》 , however now he just in the self-discipline, have no time, so make me come over a , give° this 《Mang cow devote major efforts Jue 》 you, this is all originally, 9 F contentses all have."Say to take out a book that wraps up cloth from the bosom.
Teng green mountain exultation:"Thank your elder brother for me, also appreciate green miss, you hard run 1."

Chapter 19 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 9 F!
"Is not hard, I also nothing important matter, run a ."Green miss exhibition once the Yan smile, immediately take out book from the bosom, and pass the book to the Teng green mountain, " shouts and gives!"

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