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The body being icy cold in a twinkling immerses whole body and lets the leaf turn over a sky to reply shaking ups of ground in the viscera for autumn, can still keep an awake whole body of the energy be taken out do, eyes are drowsy.
But he knows, he can not lie down.He can not sleep a people, Long Nyu, and small white to still just try very hard to with others, he has to help in the past.
The autumn of the leaf is from the sea water in drilled out, then the breath fresh air of big big.
The hands support in the pool to follow, one is fierce to flee, then from the sea water in jumped to come up.
But, the at present scene lets he one face is surprised.
Be been dashing by that at him such as Yangtze River estuarine fierce strength the son shot down sea water inside, is exactly Long Nyu and small the white be trapped by the black dress person to offend the most vigorous time.
But after he come out now, Long Nyu and small white have already escaped from to wrap to trap a turn.Now, round betwixt of is those black dress populations don't know when, the leaf autumn comes to strong Wu of a group of real strenght here of the assistant lipstick fly, one-eyed person, the Rui is ten old soldiers, red peach x Ji Mu …""
All of these are to take part in for a sky, the remarkable talent of field general assembly is betrayed by thousand leaf Xuns, so they all fell into limitless ocean.It was leaf autumn to save them to get up.
Now, do they how can appear here?
"The autumn of the leaf.…One miraculous leaf, you are all right?"
"Kill off this Song to don't need son."
"Really damning dare Chuai my bottom" …"
Long Nyu's real strenght is violent, have already come to a king class.Original these black dress personses weren't his opponents to even if have an appearance assistance, can't win victory them.
Is also seek what opportunity succeed in escaping.
But she can not walk.If she walked, the small white is their to live rake son he has no way persistence to live.
Get these helps that living a dint soldier now, Long Nyu finally can greatly open rule against killing.
Power strongly prints the Jue displays to open in the her hand, the black tunic persons who bomb are utterly routed, distress avoid being seen.
The second Si is from the sea water in climb out, while seeing an at present circumstance is also one face fan Mang.
Turning noodles is again a limitless exasperation.
This guy, unexpectedly ambushed so many superior'ses in the surroundings however after seeing several eyes, the second Si discovered a circumstance.
All of these new comers are remarkable talents, and some he still once met, even can call a face.
Like that Switzerland old soldier, at last time from second especially the orchid Di Si manage of boundary general assembly in the sky up, they still have already communicated"a now, how do they all run to help a leaf for autumn?
"Stop bottom.All stopping is next"the second Si loudly drink a way.Make use of second especially orchid Di the Mi method of the Si Long Yu, the voice has the strength that pierce the soul.
Yell in his horselaugh under, everyone stops descend combat black tunic the person's back is come together by back in the part, Long Nyu, small white and those boundary remarkable talent in skieses that behind rush through to help stand at …side.
The second Si walks over there and sweeps on the face of those day boundary remarkable talents …time, say for a bushy beard man of head, "Switzerland old soldier, do you know with whom you is fighting?"
"Do not know.But I know at is who fight."The Switzerland's old soldier pulls a long face to say.

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