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But I like to see your facial expression like this very much.Lovely----"The chemisette hand holds chin, a face smiles idea ground to say.
"Feng----Is quick Feng-----"
The woman tooks a look the form on the hand, again especially idea wait several second after, this just very slowly from the pocket in take out a small bottle, took out the tablet in a grain of black to fill into a man's mouth inside.
A foul smell spreads, the man's five Fus six Fus followed to seethe for a while after, the medicine dint on the body also slowly fades away.But in this short several minutes inside, the man has already soaked through all over, the forehead has the big grain big grain the ground sweat bead drop to fall.
"How?The effect isn't bad?"Woman Luo Luo the ground smile.That obliquitous wound Ba also follows to jump up on the face.
"Feng----You not ability so to me."The man big ground breathes heavily spirit.
"Good.It be doing proper business.If make them run, eldest brother can't Rao ours.To know this is the first time eldest brother releases an order to us.We can do of make him satisfied."
"Hum.A hairs didn't grow together boy, with what----"
The man's words haven't finished saying, drive nearby the woman shut up for Wu.
"Person residue dragon, if you still want to live several more years, had better shut up.The words like this don't lift again forever.The head that can be to ascend us son, always having then severals can of.Fix Luo superiors like thats is aller sweet than to work oneslf to the bone for him, we why not ability?"Woman with serious look warnning way.
"Hey Hey, dear Feng.I am understand.I ain't match very.If isn't me.They how can discover jade Anne road ground base?Do I how can take you to the this place again?Stop worrying, I at wait his performance.We finally want to go to the dead for a person, but I don't hope we the loyal to object is a discard."Is untidy as man is saying these words, on the face of unexpectedly have a few overbearing pride.
"I am understand.You are heart Gao Qi Ao's person and is more unwilling than is ordered about by an idiot.Give him some time more.Can now start?Where is another base ?I need a target."
"Moreover a signal appears here together, my computer is examining.As long as the wave band that appear and conversed to mutually fit together last time, we immediately blunt past."The man points at ground of his/her own thigh miniature notebook to say.
Have on the screen that the notebook opens a continuously jump up of small penguin, was like the QQ sign of Teng Xun company in the past at first sight, scrutinize next go to the dissimilarity that would realize them.
2 people start staring at that jumpy of the penguin see, in a short while behind.That penguin suddenly jumps up acceleration, then claps wing to fly.
Untidy man's spirit greatly flaps and clicked the next ENTER key and immediately appeared the location that that small penguin lands on the map.
"Find out."The untidy man smiles with trivial look."Dear Feng can praise my 1 to kiss?"
Thank God, blue can the heart is awake.
If being blue can heart occurrence what accident of words, leaf the autumn is even if on the hoof, perhaps also want from cradle to the grave all take sorry and ashamed heart go to living.
No one can imagine of hear blue while arriving a leaf to lie on the sickbed for autumn can the heart is stuffy to hum to make a noise because of but, a time is started to save after fainting another next in importance beg to continue center of earth feeling.But whatter a mess BE, want to obstruct.Body but can not move, mean to say words, but the mouth cans not open.He is unique can make of is accompanying an other person similar and silent.
Originally think that trick: tears not to belong to him, many years ago.He lost to shed tears a ground of function.But, today the lachrymal gland in the eye drive what things to activate, the tears follows a cheeks slide and wet the temples Cape of the ear and the bed sheet of white.
"You see, he cried."There is a small voice to female nurse that say.
"He definitely feels very happy."Another nurse answers.
"BE deplore greatly very much just right.No one would like to see love deeply of artificial save he or she to bear so much pain and sufferings."
"H'm.That girl's son must own happiness.Good girl's sons should have to be happy."
Yes, good girl's sons should have to be happy.Being blue can the heart is awkward and shily very very good girl's son, quiet personality and gentleness look in the eyes, although is silent but have been being nearby keeping company with.Don't make open, not noisy, the heart one is quite while being you to think of her.

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