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Outlooking is trivial, the clothes is untidy, wear ultra conservative style black frame glasses on the bridge of man the Xu Xu Dao Dao the ground say, completely regardless of and nearby the feeling of companion.
"Person residue dragon, if you not afraid mistake the words of head son explaination ground proper business, I don't mind you to continue Suo the bottom go.But assurance these words that you say one word gastightly pass to fix Luo."One wears close fitting black dress, the large chest seems ready to come out, although sit in the car, shape the still flirtatious woman Be cold to say with a smile.
Although have so good shape, chemisette face top but have a long long of wound Ba.Although a face doesn't make people stunning, entirely different maturely lingering charm.It is with half an eye past.This wound Ba makes people feeling very terrible, but sees several more eye empress.You will discover that Ba wound while injuring her beauty, but increased one for her mysterious uncannily color.Can hardly cause a man to inside conquer desire.
", Dear Feng, you can not treat so me.I to you spoony one, you don't love me also just.How to still want to fix Luo, that small white face to tell airtight?He will kill mine.Is all right, we continue to say proper business son.Where did I just make reference to?"The untidy man seems to be really to fear to fix Luo and hear woman say so, a face wry smile writes to beg for mercy.
"I don't mind you forever all so Suo.But as I am serving as a duty together with you, you had better shut up for me.Make reference to two converse points of come up.This is the last time me have already reminded you."The woman embraces plump chest of he or she and unhappily saw nearby of man's one eye.
"Well, dear Feng, your kindness makes me heartfelt to appreciate.You know that I had been all really thinking to reserve me place the male's body and some more precious things for 36 years to you----Once there were numerous women to send to embrace to my hurl bosom, they had student, had a lawyer, had lonely widow and was different from a person of newly married wife., To, there is also an actor, play what drama to wear?《Underwear office 》 ?《The most beautiful female is excellent in the world 》 ?《Maying compare a week will quick sort ground the pure pretty girl is on the athletics lesson cruelly Rou Nue 》 ?Time is too long.I recorded not to live her name.They all say that loving what I loved is incurable, must establish relationship with me.But I refused them very determinedly-----At the beginning I feel strange by myself, no wonder that I have sit to keep in mind not disorderly under flick of ability?Impossibly, I know, sometimes I will also really hope earnestly.Then touch own small JJ again, doesn't it is all right?I understood now, I was waiting you., Be not----I and it is waiting you."
On the woman face of smile an idea more and more blazing, say:"You don't mind to try I lately- refined kind of aphrodisiac?"
"The of course not minds."Untidy man truly be willing to head in the location."Dear Feng please believe my ability.Although I ground the height only have one meter six.The weight shortage is 100 catties, but in that aspect----E, what did you eat for me?"
"Aphrodisiac."The woman says and suddenly draws out the leather belt on the waist.Then hold tight once the man's two hands bind and say:"You continue to say.I don't mind more and wait in a short while.However want to remind your BE, this kind of has more special effect.Its urge a feeling composition is 25-30 times that of common aphrodisiac, and vaporize time short, easily absorb-----, Person residue dragon, your face has already been getting reder.Oh, you is this appearance still really like a monkey.Stem looking at so me?Want?Have you ever eaten garlic?How is the flavor breathing so smelly?Don't go.I must open a window-----"
The power of this kind of aphrodisiac is really overbearing too much.Just short five seconds, the man started body reaction.Facial expression Chong blood red and dizzy.Be short of breath, the heart palpitates speeds, the private parts stands erect like pike, will he that looks the long-term end washes of jeans crest ground Gao highland.
"Is dear-----Ground Feng, give me the antidote.Quick----I can not stand."Man's voice hoarsely says.
".Is so quick and then can not stand?"The woman bewitchingly beautifully smiles."Do I still prepare to see you performing for five minutes.This medicine after refining well hasn't been finding out suitable candidate to experiment.It is said that a minute posterity ground spirit absentminded, after two minutes be give you head sow you can also hurtle up to go on expedition some kind of.After three minutes-----, Three minutes of time you still just hand over a joys with sow.Person residue dragon, tell you very sorrily, this place but have no sow of.Is it to there is a mineral spring bottle to pour, don't know to have to you what help."

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