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The shell brave Xiao is made an effort crowded open Feng, let the small white of leaf block in he or she's in front, the safety guarantees more 1 Fs, afraid he the eagle of that handle power huge desert, the bullet once wears small white of leaf hereafter can also as usual want his/her own old life.And he is just light the loose ground of veranda that shoots 30 meters outside is that person, obviously the marksmanship is absolutely very quasi-, deal with an enemy like this not ability the gist.Hence the Lei wears hostage to draw off slowly and backward and tries to consider as bunker with the car.
"Stop!"Liao learns a soldier to coldly say:"That person is I just spent the hatchet man that money pleases, the root was incognizant before he, you had to start hurry."
Shell brave Xiao heart a surprised, being about to judge the words of the other party is to is really a leave, the leaf small white cries to shout a way:"Owner, you once said and promise my safety, how talk not to count, just make me work oneslf to the bone for 5,000 pieces, not simply worthwhile!"The voice is sad and shrill and pathetic, imitated a Buddha to kill a wife ground widower, shell the brave Xiao is great anger:"Shut up for me!You make what title!"
At one Shu absolute being moment, say late, quick at that time, the leaf is small white head backward one Yang, his nose in Ke, take off the scope of making moves the gun.The shell brave Xiao spirit draws tight and at that moment and without thinking buttons up to ring a trigger, the bullet once wipes the bridge of leaf small white, if be partial to the half divide and would be a head to break to die while signing of end.
Double arm upward on hanging up, hold tight him to hold a gun ground hand, 2 people tussle.
Not the shell brave Xiao Kui is the person who once did judo, twist opponent firm the steady son prepare to lead a shoulder to fall off.Can leaf small white who also, fight is a simple meal, experience is matchless old to arrive, the knee is a , exact center he underground Yin, then let this guy miserably the Hao wear loose open hands, the Wu lives a file department to kneel on the ground.
Liao learns a soldier to walk over to pull his hair to drag along a fierce horse, "walk, we seek a place to discuss well.The believing you will definitely understand my real intentions."Many bodyguard ways worn to the silly Leng:"Never report to the police, otherwise your owner died, the your penny wages can not take."
The fierce horse soon disappear in the cope of night.
Shell brave Xiao force the instauration come over and see window outdoor scene the color fly to soon draw off, the drive a little is to the utmost whetted, wondering them can't intend to make they seeking a dumping grounds to throw corpse after killing clear, jitterily say:"Liao learns a soldier, you make me can not obstruct you, at most not appropriate this what travel group the representative director of the company is just."This is certainly a strategy for gaining time, as long as the other party believes and puts oneself to get away, hereafter have plenty of a revenge opportunity.
The car fully opened for an hour, left curved right turn, arrive at suburban area, stop at a Huang the path of the unmanned smoke, the telegraph pole standing alonely stand erect in the night view, only a few wild dogs battle out the bone in the garbage can and beat not as well happy.The wayside is an abandon of fix factory, decrepit and unbearable, front door and windows all have already made people break and make unusable.
Liao learns a soldier a grasp his dress Jin, be a record a loud and clear palm past, say with smile:"So you hire a person to kill me with gun, how to calculate this Zhang?Still have, the house of the shell is a shell Xiao now the Dan is in the management, you have question to seek her, and I am basic to have no interest."
The box on the ear is heavy, beat shell the brave Xiao eye emit Venus, the nose oozes blood, face Gao Zhong Qi.Fury Teng in heart Teng, have never been subjected to this to wait humiliation during a lifetime, bear down really still the person can not bear with, the desire that left to kill this man.
However who strong who the weak situation put clearly, the good brave fellow doesn't accept short-term loss and have to say some soft words slowly atmosphere:"E, this, this ……have words to say so much, I, I have an eye not to know Mount Taishan, being set on by person would do a careless matter."Heart way:"Decided to make Liao first to learn a soldier, this matter at that time, pretty much secret, heel just the Ju once lifted once, that sniper hid concealment, be not grasped, don't more impossibly peep out movements, he why insisted is what I did?In addition to shell just Ju the bastard of that man with heart of a brute, also have who can reveal news?His Niang of, this eats in pick outside beast!

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