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Shell a life time the Xiang Be tiny to start to breathe heavily spirit, the face starts to be suffused with a kind of tide of abnormal state red, the lips skin is dry and cracked, double eye puffiness Be difficult to see, Ren ground natural and unrestrained Yong the man be unexpectedly within two days tormented by the slight illness like this shape, be let everybody cant not bear to the soldier see.Difficultly lift the better arm dynasty shell Xiao the Dan recruit, the lips Nie Ru just unwillingly sends out a few phrases very long:"Dan Dan, you arrive me nearby."
Shell madam's favour says:"Husband, if you having no matter don't say too many words and like a rest, in a couple of days good."
The shell Xiao Dan secretly put on a to get the tears to before the bed and had already changed one vice- joys Yan:"Father, you have to have peace of mind to convalesce and wait hospital discharge hereafter still want painful your small Dan Dan."
"Not, I need to declare an important resolution."Shell a life time Xiang tone determinedly finishes saying this sentence, causing the brain provide oxygen because of heart failure isn't enough, a burst of faint, the asthma is like cow, doctor hurriedly the enlargement lose amount of oxygen and adopt to care measure.
The tape recorder of inside that is public to stick out ear in succession, silently open dress Dou, an air for listenning respectfully.Ran tiger Long Pa is unconscious to speak what disadvantageous of beard words, favour way:"The eldest brother has peace of mind first to convalesce, what rubbish can wait hereafter say again."
Shell text the Chi Be past to make to deep in sorrowly say:"Is a life time Xiang in confusion bad in company, is waiting you to manage general situation."
Shell just the Ju also say:"Well keep hereafter say again not late, the sky falls down to still have us a few brotherses to write for crest."As for is be not past make carriage, that was the nobody to know.
The shell a life time Xiang settled to stop and think, a little bit replied to come over and shivered to begin to hold tight his daughter to say:"Since today, the shell Xiao Dan formally takes over my seat and becomes lord in the house of shell house …… you are severals, there is also Mr. Liao, help my daughter more, let we the shell disaster in the family must be more prosperous, the ancestor sets of property, can not give to ruin ……"
Sway if a bolt from the blue, owner all Meng, worry anxiously, disappoint, cut up rough, the Ai Be various to is pity negative emotion to spread in the sickroom.This has already at time of death been more similar than to give Gu, the shell Xiao Dan cries to say:"Not, father, I don't want to be what house lord, I want you to hurry get up."
"Dan Dan, obedient!"The shell a life time Xiang suddenly summons for spirit and says:"Doctor, you said to everyone my condition, also hand over a bottom."
The expert of that so-called heart attack takes out a medical history check report in the armpit and slightly sees one eye, use some equanimities for keeping out of it as far as possible euphonic say:"What Mr. Bei suffered from is an atavistic heart function to crock up disease, is also say, Mr. Bei's gene exists a certain blemish.We carried on the check of one over the night analysis, until just just camed across the household hereditary disease of Mr. Bei's matriarchal society history, top although the nothing important importance jots down,we discover a , Mr. Bei's grandmother are also what Tu suffers from a heavy disease to rescue invalid pass aways in 54 year agos.Pass the case record of checking against the then disease, discover 2 people the symptom extremely fits together.Hence we try to contact the then hospital, very lucky, still subsist a shell in the cold database old woman the blood kind in those early years, we immediately took action to analyze a genetic map, discovered that Mr. Bei and his grandmother's genes all existed a certain don't the blemish of clear factor, consequently the possibility of the atavism disease is more than 70%."
Household hereditary disease?And does Xiang mother's one clansmen spread to come over from the shell a life time?Relate to with the shell surname blood nothing important?Some persons then and secretly and falsely one breath, the person who have deeply worries, in fine have no whose state of mind is same.
That expert says again:"Medical condition and techniques all have to be much more flourishing than more than 50 year agos at present, Mr. Bei cures of this kind of paroxysm to hope very much, but also has few risk."
The face that the shell my mother female draws tight finally has a little bit mitigation and says:"Doctor, I also no longer emphasize the second, please must cure good he."
Shell the clear Jun Be cold to put the next malicious words:"If curing isn't good, your whole person of hospital doesn't also want to live."

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