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the world is different from again of the woman be called Mu to permit ice rain, I am to kill can't see with the positive eye again, but I can also love a shell Xiao Dan and one small and blue fall, this with vow not disobey.
The Mu permits ice rain which thought of this guy one belly bad water, good the penniless common people suddenly got world creation, the Shan in eye wears little stars and opens on the face blossom to say with smile brilliantly:"I am also!I swear from now on love Liao learns a person of soldier!"
Liao learns a soldier a she beats horizontal embrace in the bosom, stand down hot springs of pond.Water Man leads thigh, downwards on sitting, at the right moment all soak into an inside all over, the hot air forces body, each pore is all comfortable to open, whole body all comfortable Tai in each place is well versed, sway such as fairy living.The vision crosses rock, it is more likely to see the wild chrysanthemum that the distance hilltop becomes a slice, the little animal of tree branch, the autumn idea is desolate, the hearts all satisfy.
The 2 people bareness meets, could not help feeling attracted, first is come to a French type wet kiss, said very disgusting sweet prattle for a while, old Liao is a Bei lazy guy, what darling baby, my moon, all call export, let the Mu permit ice rain greatly elated, feeling to continuing, happy rambling.
Daut her chest first recklessly, the Mu permits ice rain to say with smile:"You are really bad!Touch I good Yang ……"
Old Liao pulls her hand to she to descend a body:"Come, see what be called candy stick."
The Mu permits ice rain to even if is again muddled stupid,know that is what things, disgrace an idea to to the utmost go at this time, very careful hold to play with in hand, say:"Man this thing is a little bit difficult to see."Suddenly got a fright:"Ah!How to become long!"
Liao learns a soldier blood Ben piece, say:"Niang son, we come to play a sorcery mountain sexual intercourse ground game."
The clouds covers the sun, autumnal winds Xiao Suo, start to concuss one to fall
Leaf, the billowing squirrel embraces a pine nut to look in all directions on circle of head, hears inside in the hot springs pond a per of yell and groan, extending far but break continuously and continuously, but like sing low shallow sing, but the point Kang is pleasing, moving imitate Buddha sounds of nature.Pass by unexpectedly haven't stopped for a hour of trend.
Two personal sweat with big shadow sprinkles Li and all over hangs full water bead in the steam, didn't know to is a heat to still keep doing too many sport and spread a bulky breather too much."Well beautiful ……" behind that the word drag along very to grow.The speech is exceedingly sentimental, the voice adjusts to be good enough to let people monster desire big hair, heart in torment.
The Mu permits ice rain to tightly embrace Liao to learn a soldier, the body spreads one and other violent pleasant sensation and pounds at a brain.Making her long-term and dejected can not consider other affairs."Good heavens …… I want to die ……"
Pure spring Yang point of departure point in the pond falls red, in the early years not orientation ground ache later on, what to replace was a desire fairy desire dead of felling, continuous not unique, scarcely ability from enchant mind already and thoroughly.
Liao learns a soldier to still have spare time to consider other problems:"Mess forgot to take a tape recorder.Calculate, anyway the journey is farsighted, hereafter have ground is opportunity."
Rain lives cloud Xie, the pleasant sensation slowly fades.The Mu permits ice rain this just feels the body tear to pieces the ache of sort, malicious kneaded his 1:"Bad guy doesn't know to tenderness toward woman at all."
Compare under, river rain Xi brings Liao to learn a soldier to briefly feel to be not likely to mention in the same breath, after all two feeling mutually the Yue is to combine a way most perfectly.The big star that hugs a tight bosom says with smile:The "you are endlessly like an abyss to make me sink into ability not from pull out ……" attentive sweet words said a , sentence the sentence parable is ingenious.The word word includes bead Ji.Feelings almost sprays from the words thin but.The Mu permits ice rain where once listenned to tie up Mian sweet prattle thus, too agitated dither Zhan Li, than just still needed to satisfy a hundredfold.
"Which afraid in this existence along while enough, I gain ground in this along while the happy ratio added for the past 28 years all many.""Think to have no you, I can strong[one] person ……but I discover not to go ……I can't be without you.""You are the first light of day that there rises from the sea, illuminated my all of my life ……"
Woulding be the most cold-blooded animal will also enchant moving and disgusting at this to extremity ground among the sweet prattle, besides just the first time experience the girl of love?And say this words of still she loves most of person.

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