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After the yellow fluff died, the otherwise less busy garage became more deserted. I lost the fun of ending up with the yellow furry prank every day, and I felt very bored. Even the number of visits to the duckling's house was obviously reduced. The red spot is also empty in his heart. Every time he walks after a meal, he still subconsciously turns back and squawks quackly, as if the yellow fluff fell out of the team as before, waiting for its encouragement and support. This clouded mood lasted only a few days, and the ducklings also forgot, and gradually adapted to the days without yellow fluff. The summer vacation is about to pass, and school is about to begin. But what about these two ducklings? After all, it is still more important to learn. You ca n��t concentrate on learning because of these two ducklings! "Put them in grandma's house!" I commented. "No, no. The grandmother is not in good health. She will be exhausted by the ducklings!" Mom protested firmly. "Otherwise, take them to my father's factory and take care of my aunt!" I stared at my mother Cheap Cigarettes, and my mother's eyes told me it was a good idea. At noon that day, we took the two ducklings to the factory, which was very different from our home. The house was very deserted, but the factory was very lively. The ducklings were obviously affected by the happy atmosphere Marlboro Cigarettes. Since the moment the cardboard boxes were moved to the factory door Newport Cigarettes, the ducklings quacked unceasingly, in anticipation of the new environment and curiosity of the new owner. We put the two ducklings in a small yard by the factory, and blocked their freedom with a large wooden board. They can only play in this small yard every day, but compared to the small cardboard box before, such a home is more luxurious, more comfortable, and more appetizing for them. It did n��t take long for school to begin. The ducklings and I can only meet on Sunday. Finally, it was Sunday, and I had to visit the ducklings. On this day, I went out early and followed my father to the factory. Crossed the wooden "wall", tiptoed, and walked carefully beside the ducklings, who were looking for food. Black Beans probably saw something, and suddenly quacked happily. The red spot in front of it heard its cries, turned around quickly, and looked at the black beans. Yeah! The red spot grows up, not as cute as when I was a child. It gradually grew so thin from the original spherical shape, and all the bones protruded. How did it become so thin? The red spot saw the leaf in the mouth of the black bean. A hungry tiger plucked it and pecked all the remaining leaves. Black beans pecked the leaves in their mouths gracefully. When they finished eating, they found that the leaves under their feet had disappeared, while the red spots looked for food in the distance. It had to bow its head sullenly and continue to look for food. Auntie was too busy, and had no time to take care of the ducklings, they would starve them, but the ducklings must not be allowed to repeat the mistake of yellow fluff Pick up the little duck.

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