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When it comes to my mother, friends, relatives and neighbors, they all give thumbs up. She can always take care of our lives properly and arrange things in the work orderly. But it was such a mother who had beauty and wisdom, but "lost" me at the door. It was one morning when I was in the second grade Online Cigarettes, and my mother was about to be late for work Wholesale Cigarettes, and we came downstairs in a hurry. I just put the heavy school bag on the back seat of the electric car, turned around to throw garbage, and only listened to the "whil" behind, my mother quickly started the electric car and drove away. My mind suddenly went blank. I hurriedly chased and shouted, "Mom wait for me, wait for me!" But no matter how I shouted, my voice seemed to be blocked by my mother, and she didn't even look back , Leaving behind. Soon, the "wind-like woman" disappeared into my vision. I was puzzled: Why didn't my mother take me away? Are you mad at me, or do you intend to exercise me? I calmed down my confusion and thought of a more serious question: How should I go to school? Seeing that it was going to school late, I gritted my teeth, turned my heart across, and made a bold decision to walk to school by myself. Fortunately, there were no strong winds and waves on the way, and I soon came to the school. At this time, I saw a figure from afar, the figure looked so familiar, but it was also anxious-one is mother! I saw her frowning, her eyes scanning every passing pedestrian like a searchlight. Soon, she found me, and I rushed towards her. My mother hugged me tightly in her arms, and in shock, she kept saying, "Baby, you scared your mother!" Later, my mother told me what happened. It turned out that when I put the schoolbag on the car seat, my mother thought I was already in the car and drove towards the school quickly. Due to the short time, she didn't care to talk to me on the way. At the entrance of the school, my mother turned around and saw a satchel "sit down" in the back seat. What about children? Mom��I'm blinded. Falling halfway? Too late to think about it, she turned around and returned anxiously along the same path until her mother was relieved. My miserable mother took my schoolbag as me, crossed the road, passed through the crowd, passed through the downtown area, and let the schoolbag sit in the car seat. When I was thinking of this, I could n��t help but cry. I will not complain about my mother, because my mother is not really lost. She has too many things to worry about Newport 100S, from small rice to oil and salt, to buying a house and decorating, not only to arrange work, but also to take care of family life, mother's brain is overloaded every day. I was distressed when I saw my mother's hair dyed white and tired and haggard. I decided to share more things for my mother to the best of my ability, and help her get rid of this mess.
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