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What the customers want from online boutique stores
Posted by JulyRed on February 13th Barry Larkin Reds Jersey , 2014

The online boutique stores have never had it better with 62% Americans with internet connection now shopping online at least once a month. Only 1% of US consumers with internet access mentioned that they have never shopped online and will never shop over the internet. This recent report was published by Walker Sands and was generated from data gathered by surveying more than 1,000 consumers. While online boutique clothing stores are not at the top of the pile when it comes to most items shopped they are very much at the top.

Online shopping for clothes, overall Joe Morgan Reds Jersey , occupies second place in terms of sales figures. In the US however, it lies in third place behind consumer electronics and books. While 69% consumers mentioned that they use the internet for shopping for consumer electronics and 67% mentioned that they shop for books online, the online boutique stores were mentioned by 63% of consumers. When you consider how close the three are the business prospect does look well for the online boutique clothing stores.

Now what makes people shop from the internet? Money is a driver but itís not the most important driver. This does come as a bit of surprise because all this while everyone thought that people shopped online because they could save money. The number 1 reason why people shop online is free shipping. 80% respondents mentioned this as their top choice for online shopping. At 66% in number 2 is 1-day shipping. 41% even mentioned about same day shipping. Hence Johnny Bench Reds Jersey , for the online boutique stores the story is there to see Ė they need to ship fast and ship free and most of them already do so. Those that are not have to buckle up.

64% of consumers prefer free exchanges and return and 48% mentioned that they would want hassle free online returns. 37% also talked about easier in-store returns. The evidence is clear that the consumers want more from online shopping. If someone looks at the practices of the top online boutique clothing stores one would find that they indeed make it very easy for consumers to return or exchange their products. Of course, these stores have their terms and conditions in place but all of them ensure that they terms and conditions are clearly mentioned in their website.

The internet is the most open marketplace of all. If someone is happy they can easily spread the word around and the opposite can also happen. There are innumerable forums where consumers can voice their concerns as well as show their appreciation. Sensible consumers always visit these forums so that they are able to choose the best of the online boutique clothing stores. And the most sensible online boutique stores also visit these forums to keep track of what their customers are saying about them.

For online boutique clothing stores the time is absolutely right to make the most from online shopping. However, one has to know and follow what the best online boutique stores are doing to keep their customers happy.

Online boutique clothing stores need to know what their customers want. 2014 shows a clear trend of customer demands from online boutique stores.

Tours And Safaris In East Africa: An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Posted by Frank31 on September 22nd Tom Seaver Youth Jersey , 2016

Home to office and back: It sounds like a relaxing and fulfilling journey. But a million-dollar question is, is it? Most of us would agree that it is more of a monochrome, a picture of a single color with a few shades. Where is the rainbow in it that could excite the adventure cells of your brain? The adventure is on a sick leave Ken Griffey Youth Jersey , a leave that seems to be perennial. Now compare your daily life to a few days of tours and safaris in East Africa. That sounds like an adventure, doesnít it? Working to provide for your family is, of course Tony Perez Youth Jersey , indispensable. But, how long could one go on with a break? Even the most interesting of things seem mundane after a prolonged period of repetition.

To keep the excitement alive, people adapt a simple concept of vacation. A few days of fun and frolic feeds you the necessary adrenaline to keep up with the demanding working environment. A simple vacation on a weekend with your family and friends would suffice to lift your spirits. But if you have a knack for adventure Reggie Sanders Youth Jersey , there is a perfect place created by Mother Nature to satiate your craving. Nature is raw by nature and that is why it is most adventurous too. Jungles full of greenery, vast plains of uncharted dominance of the animals, aggression and emotions Chris Sabo Youth Jersey , an experience that is real, not virtual; this is luxury safari in East Africa for you.

This is a world of choices and specifics. You get what you choose, customized to your needs and that is why people love the concept of custom made products. Taking hint from this George Foster Youth Jersey , vacation planners are also now providing the tourists with exactly what they what to see and how they want to see it. One such brilliant example of customized vacation is tours and safaris in East Africa. Many travel companies are serving the tourists with vacation plans that suit them the best. This excursion into the bush with friends is a yummy treat. It treats you with all that the jungles have to offer.

Concrete jungles have overrun the real ones. Whatís left of it is still beautiful. Its aggression, innocence, cleverness and all the qualities that you hear about are all there in one place in the form of animals practicing them every day. Most people who have been on such journeys speak of the impact that it leaves on your heart and soul. Tours and safaris in East Africa is one of the best adventures there is. And a vacation to the jungles is a perfect way to fill colors in the otherwise monochromatic life.

Authorís Bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about luxury safari in East Africa.

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