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Good Morning! It's the Island outlaw here again. You know after my little tirade yesterday about Integrity and ethical behavior I felt compelled to speak on the subject of the paradigm shift in wealth consiousness.

For those of you who are not aware of it humanity it seems is finally turning the corner in its awareness of the fact that the universe is a truly limitless place. I just get a little impatient for the day when everyone gets it!

Science has borne out what the heart has always known. There is no end to the stuff of creation and in large measure the responsibility of what gets created lies with us. What we think we create and what we think and feel passionately we create rather quickly.

The problem lies in the fact that so many of us do not understand how this business of creation actually operates. The universe it seems takes us quite literally. An illustration of this is how a good many of us think and feel about conducting business affairs. We think and feel that it is dog eat dog out there and that we have to fight for customers and market share which leads us into competitive behaviors. Remember! If this is what we think and how we feel then this is how the universe responds. The universe says OK a dog eat dog reality with limited resources on top! Comin right up! The hard pill to swallow is that we are responsible for creating that particular reality.

The GOOD news is that we can just as easily create a different reality Juuse Saros Youth Jersey ,a reality of plenty for all. There are those who have begun this work and the more of us who jump on board and provide positive support the quicker the shift will take place. I can tell you that the momentum is increasing and that we are moving towards this new reality and it is making its way into form. I would urge all of those still in the competitive reality to stop for just a moment and think about a reality where there is no fighting over customers,no stressing over ad campaigns designed to draw more market share,no tricks big or small to get customers.

In the new reality you create a product or service that empowers the consumer to be all that they can be. You decide based upon your own passions and vision how many people you want to serve. As you create value for the consumer they will come and remember that the universe is a limitless place. You wont be competing with anyone but yourself to bring about greater empowerment and greater benefit for all people. You'll have far greater enjoyment in your own personal reality.

Don't take what I'm saying at face value. I challenge you to get out there and research the science and the evidence. Take a few moments and do a search and discover what creatures of bright promise we truly are. If time is an issue and you want to jumpstart your research just drop in to my website . This is not about sales this is about empowerment about getting it. Who knows you could be the one at the fulcrum point shifting us all into this wonderful new reality! Thanks for your time and have a prosperous day.

To Your Success

The Island Outlaw

Samsung Window AC - comfortable living Technology Articles | July 26 Roman Josi Youth Jersey , 2012
People love window AC for their affordability and find it easy to install. But here are people who love split AC as compared to Window ACs as the window ACs make more noise, block the sunlight and are bulky to look at.

People love window AC for their affordability and find it easy to install. But here are people who love split AC as compared to Window ACs as the window ACs make more noise, block the sunlight and are bulky to look at. But with the introduction of the new range of window ACs from Samsung Ryan Hartman Youth Jersey , people have not stopped praising their products that are energy effective, low noise and affordable. The company has emphasized on noiseless ACs, and has focused on providing various features with it. You can see that they come with improved standards Viktor Arvidsson Youth Jersey , advanced features and latest technology.

The Window AC price too is set right, which is good for the consumers who are tight on their budget. Various models are provided from the company that has different price tag. It depends on which type you choose, because the tons have to be considered and even the rating that has been given to the model should be considered before you make a buy. Star ratings are provided for those units that are energy efficient and you would find that some units are two stars rated Craig Smith Youth Jersey , three star rated or even five star rated. The more the ratings are the less electricity is used by these AC units. It also depends on the room size as well. a large hall might need two window ACs, while a small one needs one. It is better to calculate first as the cooling might not take place properly if the capacity is less. One should talk to the store manager and ask for his advice; they are the ones who know which unit would be perfect for the unit.

The Samsung Window ACs is suitable for office and home use and is easily available in the market. The features included in these advanced units are the turbo power, tropical rotary compressor Mattias Ekholm Youth Jersey , silver nano technology and the bio health plus are some of the main features that Samsung as integrated in their new range of AC units. A remote control is also provided and you get built-in features like the timer energy saving mode, side air discharge, sleep mode Colton Sissons Youth Jersey , temperature control and many more.

You can go through a vast range of models that come with different price list. The Samsung window AC price list will begin with Rs. 30,000 for a normal sized unit and can be less if you want a smaller unit. The Samsung 1.5 ton will cost around Rs. 15,000 Kyle Turris Youth Jersey , while the 1 ton window AC will be charged Rs. 12, 591, which is one of the most inexpensive unit from Samsung. The designs are cool. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale Cheap College Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap College Football Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale College Jerseys

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