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Sosa takeís a look at the current state of the roster Nicholas Scott Jersey nfl draft , the dedicated salary cap amount, and the potential players that could be released."With the NFL Scouting Combine officially here, the NFLís true beginning to the offseason is upon us. This next week is going to be the culmination of every representative of every NFL team bunched up in one building, and as we all know, this is where discussions begin. Discussions of player trades, negotiating prices between agents and General Mangers for players to re-sign, and even the illegal tampering period (you didnít hear it from me) is under full effect.With all that being said, this is when a lot of NFL players will realize their current clubs will head in a different direction, meaning there will likely be a handful of veterans (if not more) thatíll find their way into the free agent pool.So, that begs the question, who are the players that could be released by the Los Angeles Rams?Letís take a look at some possible options:ILB Mark BarronBarron is the most likely candidate to be released as heís simply paid too high of an amount.Barron is a 29-year old linebacker who transitioned from safety many years ago after the Rams secured him in a trade from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Barron actually turned out to be a fantastic addition as his physicality, nasty demeanor, and lack of fear proved the transition to be the correct move. The issue becomes his price tag ($9.6m for the 2019 season) and his inability to stay healthy. Barron hasnít played a full season since 2016 and has seemingly missed a ton of offseason and in-season training the past two years due to nagging injuries. Releasing Barron would save the Rams $6.3m on the cap this year Dante Fowler Jersey , though theyíd also eat a penalty of $3.3m. Barron is currently the sixth highest paid ILB in football, and with the current quality of his play, it doesnít make financial sense to keep him around at that figure.C John SullivanThis transaction will be tougher to gauge because of the potential of Sully retiring. My guess is he does, but if he doesnít, he could be on the chopping block. Sully has been a godsend for the Rams as his veteran leadership and ability to coordinate the offensive line/make line calls has been a tremendous help for a young QB like Jared Goff. Though heís been fantastic, it seems as if his play on the field has been in a steady decline as heís no longer in his prime at 33-years old. Sullyís current cap number is $6.25m, $5.25m of which the Rams could recoup if they decide to move on (penalty of $1m).DT Michael BrockersThis will be the toughest decision for the Rams to make, simply because Brockers is a fantastic leader, teammate, and a long-time veteran Ram. Typically, Brockers has been a stalwart on the interior defensive line with his fantastic propensity to play the run at a high level, and he even offers a bit of pass rush productivity. Unfortunately for Brock, his play in 2018 was not what weíve become used to seeing from the 28-year old defensive tackle. Brockers is the 14th-highest paid interior defensive lineman in the league as it stands as his current cap hit is $11m. The Rams would free up $10.25m by releasing him Replica Nicholas Scott Jersey , only eating a $750k penalty. The main issue here is that fellow defensive lineman DT Ndamukong Suh and DE Ethan Westbrooks are upcoming free agents, making the situation along the defensive line murky.WR Michael ThomasMike Thomasí career with the Rams has been a strange one as he came into the league with some potential but hasnít had the opportunity to show it, nor has he done himself any favors by being suspended. Thomasí release frees up $720k on the cap and only costs the Rams $29k in cap penalties.(All figures used from Over the Cap) 3kís report card for the Ramsí 2019 draft haul" />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteTurf Show Timesa Los Angeles Rams communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpSectionsLibraryMastheadCommunity GuidelinesNFL OddsStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteSections 2019 offseason2019 free agency2019 NFL DraftFull ArchiveLibrary 2019 NFL calendar2019 Rams regular season sched2019 Rams preseason schedMasthead Community Guidelines NFL Odds StubHub ✕Filed under:2019 NFL DraftGrading the Los Angeles Ramsí 2019 NFL Draft classNew,69comments3kís report card for the Ramsí 2019 draft haulCDTShareTweetShareShareGrading the Los Angeles Ramsí 2019 NFL Draft classWashington Huskies S Taylor Rapp celebrates after beating the Colorado Buffaloes in the Pac-12 Championship, Dec. 2, 2016.Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty ImagesWell, itís done.The Los Angeles Rams navigated the 2019 NFL Draft to come up with this draft class:2019 NFL Draft LA Rams OrderRd#Rd#PickPlayerPOSSchoolRd#Rd#PickPlayerPOSSchoolWashington Huskies S Taylor Rapp61st overall pickRams fan grade: B3kís grade: A-You might have been able to justify this pick at 31. You certainly could have after the Rams traded down to 45. And to 56. And then to 61.The Rams traded down three times to begin their draft class stacking up mid-draft picks en route to taking Rapp. While Iím not taking the value of the added draft capital into consideration for this pick, I have to take into consideration where in the draft it occurred.To get a player of Rappís skill level and production outside the top 60 at a position of upcoming (and only upcoming based on how long S Eric Weddle can deny his eventual decline) roster gap has to slide into the A range.Memphis Tigers RB Darrell Henderson70th overall pickRams fan grade: B3kís grade: A-*Obviously, there are two sides to this pick.On one, itís a selection in a vacuum. In that aspect, itís a very good pick. The Rams got a top running back prospect in the part of the draft you should take top running back prospects. Yes the Rams had to trade up in order to get here, but it was a package of two picks in the 90s. In and of itself, a fine pick worthy of a second A- grade.On the other side Stitched Nicholas Scott Jersey , an asterisk. One that notes that a year ago, this pick would have been unthinkable. Hell, heading into Week 15 last December it would have been unthinkable. But credit the Rams for treating things (privately...) with the sincerity it now obviously deserves. The Rams canít rely on Todd Gurley the way they have before. Their hands forced, the Rams had to have a running back that would limit Gurleyís action. They never trusted Malcolm Brown to be that back. They werenít willing to commit to C.J. Anderson to be it. In the end, Henderson is the best option of the bunch. Itís just a shame that the best option wouldnít have even been an option until recently.When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When it gives you rotten lemons, buy lemonade.Michigan Wolverines CB David Long79th overall pickRams fans grade: A3kís grade: AI really like this pick, but itís somewhat conditional on how the Rams play next offseason. Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters, Troy Hill, Dominique Hatfield, Kevin Peterson and Donte Deayon are all scheduled to become free agents. The only outside cornerback on the Rams heading into the draft not scheduled to become a free agent next year is Darious Williams.So part of my A grade for Long is conditional on finding the right pairing for him. I think that could be Peters. I wouldnít be opposed to an option not on the team right now as well. But it has to be a talent match that pairs more fluid skills with Longís direct physicality. The Rams had a pairing like that that was one of the best in the NFL with Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson. The Rams opted not to pay either on a multi-year contract but have rebuilt their cornerback depth chart well nonetheless.On his own, Longís a fine addition to the CB depth chart. But the 2020 CB depth chart is going to require significant work either in retention (something the Rams have been hesitant to do in meeting market rates for defensive backs in the last handful of years) or in adding new talent.Longís production and performance might depend more on that upcoming work than his individual development alone.Oklahoma Sooners OT Bobby Evans97th overall pickRams fans grade: B3kís grade: C-Evans isnít a bad prospect and the value here is fine. Iím just not sure I get it.Is he a project the Rams intend to develop as a possible replacement for LT Andrew Whitworth? If so Nicholas Scott Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , two things. One, Iím not a huge fan of his skill set for this line at the position. Heís a bit more of a plodder than an athlete, and Iím donít think thatís at all what we need at LT. Second, I donít feel comfortable at all with the idea of a long-term LT solution coming at #97. If he pans out, thatís fine. But a starting left tackle role is one that deserves more of an investment.Is he a right tackle? Many suggested so going into the draft. We just signed RT Rob Havenstein to a long-term extension. Not sure that makes much sense.The obvious option here would be to kick him inside to right guard, but at what time? Does RG Austin Blythe get this year and then the Rams move to Evans? Was Blythe so bad as to require a replacement option and not get a second year to prove his viability beyond Sullivan alongside him?I dunno, this one just seemed a bad fit for skill, value and timing. Evans is the kind of prospect that for another team at another pick at another time could get an A. But not for the Rams, not at #97 and not in 2019.Washington Huskies DT Greg Gaines134th overall pickRams fan grade: B3kís grade: AThis one sounds like a prospect the Rams isolated at value late in the draft for a specific role. Now weíll have to see how sincere General Manager Les Snead was in his comments last night, but it certainly sounds like heís going to be given the initial chance to earn the spot vacated by DL Ndamukong Suh leapfrogging DL Sebastian Joseph-Day.If the Rams truly did get an immediate starter here, thatís a B at a minimum. To get one on the D-line brings it up at least one notch to B+. But Iíll buy Gainesí skill-set ESPECIALLY with DL Aaron Donald next to him.Now one thing Iíd note? His limitations. Heís not athletic and heís not quick. Heís a run-blocking offensive lineman at DT. But he can learn a TON from DL Michael Brockers and help immediately in the run. He might be a deficiency in the pass game early on, but the Rams have room for that.Wisconsin Badgers OT David Edwards169th overall pickRams fans grade: B3kís grade: B-Itís hard/unfair to grade picks once you get this deep in the draft. Yes, Edwards might compete for OL depth. Yes Los Angeles Rams Jerseys Stitched , he will certainly compete for special teams work.But what are we even grading here? His OL skills? If they were better, he would have gone in the top 150. So I canít give him a grade on that spectrum alone. Heís being drafted at 169. Heís a fine candidate for 169. See you in camp.Penn State Nittany Lions S Nick Scott243rd overall pickRams fans grade: B3kís grade: ?Texas Tech Red Raiders LB Dakota Allen251st overall pickRams fans grade: A3kís grade: ?243 and 251? Cmon...thereís no rubric here.I GIVE THEM BOTH A+ís.Overall Grade: B+For the last two drafts, the Rams have suffered, in a good way, from the condition of their roster. Theyíve not needed any starters. Theyíve not needed to draft for immediate talent. And theyíve not needed to draft at positions of top value.Credit General Manager Les Snead for getting them to that point, but also acknowledge the level of difficulty is much lower then.I gave last yearís class a B+. They had very little impact outside of special teams.Iím giving this yearís class. They might well have very little impact outside of special teams.And when we hit the three-year mark on both, there might not be many left from either class to re-grade at a time when we do so based on how theyíve panned out in the NFL and not based on projections and conjecture.So much like roster ďneeds,Ē these grades are VERY different than say the grades for the Oakland Raidersí draft class. Or the Arizona Cardinalsí. Their draft classes need to come in and immediately contribute. Three years in, theyíll need their classes to lift their teams. Thatís just not the case with the Rams and our last two classes.And thatís a good thing.But as I look at it for a roster that already has the immediate contributors and has invested in the young and mid-level veterans to lift the team, itís a fine draft that can fill some roster gaps beyond 2019 and perhaps hit on a talent or two to develop in their own right.The worst thing you can do is force a draft. Try cramming a square peg through a circular hole and youíre left with shrapnel.Snead has done a fine job playing the last two drafts for what they were. He knew where the team was, build-wise. He knew where they were time-wise. And he knew the best approach wasnít to force it.And knowing is half the battle.

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