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The NetSpend prepaid card is becoming increasingly popular Women's Nike M2K Tekno Pink Shoes Pink Foam Sale , as customers turn away from the traditional, unsecured cards and look for other financial options. In this article we review this and look at its advantages and disadvantages.

The first point to note is that this is not actually a credit card but instead a debit card. Customers are not being offered a line of credit, but it has virtually identical uses and appearances.

Next we will look at how it works. A new customer is required to set up their account with their own money, before they can start using it. In the same way Women's Nike M2K Tekno Shoes White Sale , once the funds have been exhausted, the customer has to reload before they can use it again. At no time can they go into debt. Which some individuals may find ideal, that you can only spend the funds your have previously deposited in your account.

There are several different ways you can add funds. A common method is to have your paycheck transferred directly into your account on payday, through Direct Deposit. You can also add money at a designated Reload Center Men's Nike Free CR7 Metcon Trainers White Sale , or purchase a reload pack from a retailer. Some of these locations include the local gas station, grocery store, money store… (Kroger, Kmart Men's Nike Metcon 4 Shoes Black Sale , CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens…)

Once the funds are in place, you can use your card to make purchases. As it carries either the Visa or MasterCard logo Men's Nike Classic Cortez Nylon Black Sale , it can be used to pay for products and services at anywhere that accepts these methods of payment – literally millions of outlets worldwide. It can also be used to withdraw cash from ATM’s, subject to cleared funds being available. You can also use this to rent a car, purchase gas at the pump, book travel accommodations Nike Classic Cortez Leather Triple White Shoes Sale , reserve a hotel room… In other words it will provide you with the same purchasing power as anyone with a Major Visa or MasterCard in their pocket.

It is important to be aware that not all of these services are free of charge. The one-time purchase fee costs $7.95, there are varying re-load fees, and also charges for services such as ATM withdrawals.

There are many advantages as well though. There are no credit checks to go through, and a 100% guaranteed approval rate Nike Classic Cortez Leather Shoes Black White Sale , subject to ID status. Spending your own money means there are no overdraft fees, interest charges or monthly payments.

Although there are many companies that now provide prepaid cards. NetSpend is a reputable company who are established in the prepaid field, and their fees and charges put them firmly amongst the frontrunners. Additionally they are members of the Better Business Bureau and the money you deposit in your account is FDIC insured. In other words the US Government is guaranteeing the money you have loaded on your card (up to $250,000).

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