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Compatible Brother TN1050 Laser Toner now Printing for Less Than 2 Cents Per Page Computers Articles | November 18 Cheap Air Jordan Shoes , 2015

Compatible Brother TN1050 laser toner is ideal for office or busy home user that prints large quantities of documents with less than 2 Cents per page + VAT.

The Brother TN1050 toner is now available in compatible non-genuine form with an average printing cost of less than 2 cents per page + VAT. This cost is based on purchasing a 2 pack of toner cartridges, each cartridge prints up to 1000 A4 pages @ 5% coverage. This black toner is ideal for the office or busy home user that prints large quantities of text documents. Small office in particular will benefit from this reliable compatible TN1050 laser toner. It also has excellent print quality with consistent good solid blacks and high quality greyscale images. The compatible version of the toner will give the same results as the original brand Brother, the only noticeable difference being the cost.

The TN1050 printer toner is essentially used in the Brother printers listed below:

1. Brother DCP-1510 toner cartridge
2. Brother DCP-1512 toner cartridge
3. Brother DCP-1610W toner cartridge
4. Brother DCP-1612W toner cartridge
5. Brother HL-1110 toner cartridge
6. Brother HL-1112 toner cartridge
7. Brother HL-1210W toner cartridge
8. Brother HL-1212W toner cartridge
9. Brother MFC-1810 toner cartridge
10.Brother MFC-1910W toner cartridge

When trying to decide if you need to make the change from inkjet cartridges to the TN1050 toner Cheap Jordan Retro , there are several factors that can help you decide. Printer toner is a powder based substance as opposed to inkjet cartridge that is actually liquid ink. Laser toner printers in general print much faster than their inkjet counterparts. Because of the precision of the laser toner over ink, images will print clearer and faster than inkjet printers (unless you are using a photo image quality printer). The number of pages you are able to print will be greatly increased before you have to replace the printer toner. Laser toner printers, are however Cheap Air Jordan , more expensive to buy than inkjet printers but the mono laser printers can be particularly good value when compared to the colour laser printers. Also, inkjet cartridges are prone to clogging and that is something that won’t happen with a laser toner cartridge.

The laser printer also takes longer to warm up than the inkjet printer and if a TN1050 toner was to leak it can be very messy inside the printer. The laser printer can also handle a variety of different paper types (weights and finishes) whereas the inkjet printer is limited in this area. Deciding on whether or not you would like to move from inkjet printer to laser printer depends on what you want to print and what quantity you want to print. If you are likely to use large volumes of text content documents in the home or office then the TN1050 will be ideal for you.

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