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trivial matters describe the truest face of these two generations. The father's old age Newport Cigarettes Coupons, his children's worries, and gradually he can't do what he likes, and treat his children. Now they are like a child doing wrong things, for fear that they will disturb their lives, which is not the majesty of that year. father. But they have forgotten, these busy, successful people are the children who constantly troubled him and made him restless and worried all day. But what he never changed for them was his full love, without any impurities. This reminds me of my father. It reminded me yesterday that he just called me and scolded me, saying that I was taking medicine in an unhealthy way, and that I was sick without seeing the doctor ... I found that my father had not scolded me for a long time. Because I am very good, but more often my father is very busy and has no time to take care of me. Many things are controlled by my mother. In fact, I prefer my father to scold me, which can make me feel that he cares deeply about me. Speaking of driving, my father always drove a car, but in order to teach me to drive a motorcycle, he took me on the street in the middle of the night. He also said that I learned to drive a Bazi route and I was successful. As a result, I almost got a car. Crashed into the wall. These are the best memories my father gave me. If he is old, I will not let him drive and I will drive him, or put a brake on the front passenger seat. I drive with my father and go with him Where I want to go, accompany him to grow old ... The mother's Long Yingtai writes that the mother is getting older, but she is not writing about her mother ��s oldness. She writes that her mother ��s memory is getting worse and worse, and she even forgets that she is Her beloved little daughter, and she became a little bit nervous. She took her mother's hand and went shopping. Her mother resisted and said, "There are so many people on the street-" but she tried to persuade her mother to adapt to the outside world, otherwise she would grow older and shrink back faster. Mother started to pay attention to the shops on the street. Monopoly for 80-year-old women? Passing through the shoe store, the mother stopped and looked at the shoes in the shop window seriously. She encouraged her mother to buy a pair of shoes, only to find her pointing at a pair of pretty high heels. But the elderly cannot wear high heels and fall easily. However, how beautiful the mother used to be, she also longed for the appearance of flowers when she was young Carton Of Cigarettes. My mother, strong in appearance Online Cigarettes, is actually a gentle and gentle woman. When she was young, she had many admirers. I dare not imagine how she grows up day by day. It is probably the same as all women. But I think she still loves the most beautiful woman in my heart. I also want to go shopping with her, watch her try on all kinds of beautiful clothes, buy all kinds of skin care products to keep her skin fresh, and buy all kinds of gold and silver jewelry to make her graceful and luxurious. I want her to be the happiest woman in the world. I really love her. On her birthday last year, I bought her a hairpin. It looks good but not big enough. This is what she said, but what she said I will never forget the smile on my face. I will wait for my job in the future, and I will pay her a gift for the first month because I really love her so much, and I hope she will always be happy, healthy and beautiful. Just like a sentence on Weibo: Mom is a good person, so don't hurt her in years. I haven't seen you in three months. I think my mother is here. Mother's Day is here. I think I'm going back to see her ...
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