#1 Way back in early September when the Seattle Seahawks von liny195 25.12.2019 08:45

acquired Jadeveon Clowney and then briefly cut Nick Bellore Will Dissly Color Rush Jersey , Jaron Brown and Jamar Taylor, I looked at the handful of players on the team with significant per game roster bonuses that could affect the cap in 2019. Specifically, those players who have per game roster bonuses that were not being counted against the cap because the players did not appear in many games during the 2018 season. At that time I estimated the team would need a reserve of $3M to $5M in order to absorb the potential per game roster bonuses for the players who could see more active games in 2019 than in 2018. With the first five games of the season already in the books, let’s go ahead and look at where the team stands regarding those players and their per game roster bonuses. To get right to the meat of the matter, the following Seahawks players have per game bonuses in their contracts that could wind up affecting the team’s salary cap this season. Mike Iupati: $31,250 per game on the gameday active rosterD.J. Fluker: $62,500 per game on the gameday active rosterMychal Kendricks: $125,000 per game on the gameday active rosterK.J. Wright: $93,750 per game on the gameday active rosterZiggy Ansah: $93,750 per game on the 53 man roster and $93,750 per game on the gameday active rosterNow, let’s get right to how those are currently counting for the Seahawks against the salary cap and what things will look like moving forward. Mike Iupati Iupati was active for ten games during the 2018 season for the Arizona Cardinals, so ten games worth of the $31,250 in active roster bonuses are built into his 2019 salary cap number. He has been active and played in all five games so far this season, so is halfway to the point where he will begin costing the team cap space each time he suits up for a game. His 2019 cap number is $2,562,500, but if he exceeds ten games for which he is active, he’ll begin to cost $31,250 per game. D.J. FlukerFluker, like Iupati, was active for ten games in 2018 Michael Dickson Color Rush Jersey , and thus ten games worth of his $62,500 in roster bonuses are built into his 2019 cap number of $2,187,500. Once he hits his eleventh game active for the Seahawks, he will begin costing the team $62,500 in cap space per game. K.J. WrightWright was only active and on the field for five games in 2018, a number that he has already matched. Thus, each game for which Wright is active going forward will require an additional $93,500 in cap space for the Seahawks on top of the $4,984,375 cap number currently baked into the team’s salary cap. If he is healthy and active for every game that is left this season, it will cost the team a total of $1,028,500. Mychal KendricksBetween his suspension and knee injury, Kendricks played only four games last season, a number that he has already surpassed. By being active for the win over the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday evening, Kendricks started into the twelve games of per game roster bonuses that had not been counting against the cap. Prior to the Week 5 game, Kendricks carried a cap number of $2,750,000, but that number now stands at $2,875 Alex McGough Color Rush Jersey ,000 and will increase by $125,000 for each game that Kendricks is active. Ziggy AnsahAs noted above, Ansah’s per game roster bonuses are broken into two categories. The first is a $93,500 per game roster bonus for simply being on the 53 man roster rather than on injured reserve, PUP or NFI, while the second is an additional $93,500 per game for which he is active. The fact that the per game roster bonuses are split simply makes the calculation a tiny bit more complicated, in that it requires knowing how many games Ansah was active in 2018, as well as how many games he was on the 53 man roster. Answering those questions is not difficult, as Ansah was on the 53 man roster for the Lions for 13 games and active for 7. Thus, if Ansah remains on the 53 man roster through Week 14, starting in Week 15 he will begin costing an additional $93,500 on top of his current cap number of $7,875,000 each week. In addition to that, because he was active for seven games, the other $93,500 in per game roster bonuses will kick in once he surpasses the seven games played threshold. As he has been active for the past three weeks, the earliest he could start incurring these cap hits would be the Monday Night Football matchup against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10. So, for now, going forward the team will incur an additional cap hit of $218,500 for each game in which linebackers Mychal Kendricks and K.J. Wright are active. As the season continues to progress and these five players wrack up more games on the gameday active roster each week Byron Maxwell Color Rush Jersey , that number will continue to slowly increase if these five continue to be healthy and contribute on the field. Down 10 points with little more than two minutes left, the Seahawks were done. Unless they weren’t.After rocketing down the field, scoring a touchdown, going for two (due to the Sebastian Janikowski injury), and getting it, the Seahawks found themselves trailing by the score of 24-22 with 1:18 to play and an onside-kick away at stealing a victory. If they could score another touchdown, because field goals seemed to be off the table.A conventional onside kick was off the table, too. Punter Michael Dickson tried a drop kick instead. But when it came off his foot it looked like a shot from a pitching wedge that inadvertently sailed over the green. In this case, the rough on the other side of the smooth, flat stuff was the waiting embrace of Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley, who easily caught the ball on the fly and sealed the game.So what was Dickson trying to do? Apparently, exactly what he did.“He was trying to get it over the top so we could go get it,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters after the game. “Beasley was up there closer than we thought and he just popped it a bit too hard.”It’s hard to blame the Seahawks for getting creative. The safety-driven reconstruction of the kickoff formation has made it much more difficult to recover the normal rock-skip-on-a-pond onside attempt.Which should push the powers-that-be toward the fourth-and-15 alternative, where the team that otherwise would be kicking off can punt or go for it. However it would have played out last night, the effort surely would have been a lot more intriguing than what the Seahawks tried to do in order to keep alive their slim chance of pulling off what would have been an incredible comeback.It that’s what the league is trying to do as the extinction of the kickoff looms, it’s brilliant. Faced with a potential fan and media mutiny for revolutionizing a key aspect of the game, fans and media could actually start clamoring for something other than what the league currently does, if there’s no realistic way for a team that is trailing late to have a chance to keep the game interesting.

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