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Too much to give up ends up being nothing; grasping what is necessary is eternal value. ����Inscription The reading of ��The Old Man and the Sea�� originated from an ups and downs of piano examination training. Opening the piano board, the keys are clear in black and white, and they are vividly in my eyes, and my thoughts have returned to the past ... After experiencing ups and downs, the piano has passed me at level 5, and I will take level 6 this year. With the hard work of my mother, I finally found an extremely strict piano teacher for me. When the piano teacher gave a lecture in the first month, he gave me a sheet music. I glanced at it. Wow, a lot of notes danced on the staff in a variety of ways. I was shocked by the scene in front of me. "Try it," he said blankly. This song is quite difficult. The first time I played, it was jerky, full of mistakes, and I was interrupted by the teacher as soon as I played halfway. He pointed hard at the music and said coldly, "What are you playing? It's just making noise. , The first time is not so messy, so go back and practice! ��This time the teacher poured me a pot of cold water. I practiced for a whole week, and when I went to class again, I was preparing for the teacher's acceptance. I never expected that he would give me a more difficult score. "Try it." The teacher said nothing about the last score. This surprised me Online Cigarettes, so I stumbled, and the intermittent sound of the piano made me feel uneasy, depressed, and discouraged. I couldn't help it anymore Marlboro Lights. I rushed out of the piano room and cried out on the balcony, didn't I really play the piano? A "self-doubt" germinated from my heart. Then the teacher followed up. I made up my mind and told the teacher that I chose to give up. The teacher asked me to go home and read a book entitled "The Old Man and the Sea." I choose to run forward bravely! "The book tells an old man who made a living from fishing, but once he did not catch a fish for 84 days. With the firm conviction and the help of superb technology, the old man had harvested only on the 87th day. He caught a big marlin weighing more than 1,000 pounds by himself, and finally won a material and spiritual double victory. But in the hundreds of days in front of the thing he wanted to capture, he made no complaints and went forward. In order to catch the coveted big marlin, he broke his hands and dipped in salt water; he was so hungry that he was so hungry. Weak, simply eating large chunks of raw fish Newport 100S. On the way home, the fish tied to the boat was frequently eaten by sharks, and when he returned to the fishing port, there was only an empty spine left. The commendable thing is that he was optimistically saying that he would build a solid iron spear and use it to deal with those disgusting scums, even though he was exhausted with the hard work he had formed. In this crucial cross-section of the test, do we not defeat ourselves like San Diego. In the face of difficulties, I can only choose to flinch. Do not! Do not! I won't give up easily. My fingers kept dancing on the piano, and the old man's resolute eyes appeared in front of me. It was an invisible force that spurred and inspired me at all times. I can't forget the old man and the sea, the scene of struggle, and the dignity and courage of those who never give in. Because I always feel that life is the sea, and what I have to do is the old man who persists in his goals. After one month, I take my hard work to class. I told the teacher firmly, "I choose to continue to work hard to move forward!" So, I played confidently, and I could play so beautifully, so superbly! The teacher asked me to play the previous one again, and I still showed super high standards of performance ... After the performance, the teacher nodded with satisfaction. "Teacher, are you sure about the song I played?" The teacher responded with a smile. Me: "Your success is not only in the tune you play, but also in the spirit of the old man!" Today, I have a special feeling for the piano and I always like to sit in front of it and play a song. Looking back, I have something as important again. What else would I gain if I gave up easily? The value of eternity is nothing but the old man propped up the boat again, sailed to the center of the sea, and explained the meaning of persistence to people with his shy body
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