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Introduction of Ceramic Pigment

Ceramic pigment is also called pigment or color material Jeffery Simmons Color Rush Jersey , it is a kind of powdered decorative materials with color which is produced in base of flux or additives of paired colored ceramic. The ceramic colors base is an inorganic coloring material used in ceramic, it is produced by the process of calcination, grinding, rinsing, drying Jurrell Casey Color Rush Jersey , grinding mixed with a colorant (a substance enables forming the colors) and certain other raw materials (such as kaolin, quartz, feldspar, alumina, etc.). The flux is the silicate Black Kevin Byard Jersey , borate, or an alkali silicate glass containing lead and it is a kind of low melting point glassy materials which procure the combination of ceramic color and the surface of the ceramic ware. Toner is a kind of crystalline solid powder produced by the procedures of completely mixed appropriate firing condition reaction, particle size control, sieved, rinsing and harmonic homogenizer program.

Preparation Steps of Ceramic Pigment

Firstly Black Derrick Henry Jersey , mix. The final hue of the mixed coloring agent is deeply influenced by the other ingredients added to the ceramic glazes. Thus, in order to make each batch of pigment show the same tone, the raw materials in the same quality should be weighted and mixed according to its constitution. Secondly, calcinations. It is an important step of the prepared toner, and its purpose is to make it stable. In the calcination process Black Jack Conklin Jersey , because of the different nature of raw materials and different purposed pigments, the reactions are totally different. The lowest calcination temperature should be the same with the use temperature of the final toner. Thirdly, in order to remove all soluble substances, it should be washed with water and chromates toner must be washed with hot water. If the borate is not eliminated totally, the film will be produced in colors. Fourthly Black Jonnu Smith Jersey , although there is no express provision, all are generally required to go through 300 mesh sieve. If the pigment is not pulverized enough, the bad-distributed particals will make it difficult to use. On the contrary, excessively pulverized powder which is fine as dust will not sufficiently fuse in the glaze resulting in roller glaze.

Usage of Ceramic Pigment

Ceramic pigment has the following usages: body coloring. The coloring material in the toner (toner) is mixed with the dough, so that after burning Black Taywan Taylor Jersey , the blank showing a certain color. Colored billet mud can be used to produce furnishings porcelain pieces, household utensils and building tiles. The white blank mud can also be used as the underglaze coating to cover body color. Colored glaze. The toner and basic glaze can be produced into different kinds of color glaze and art glaze. Draw patterns. It is used for glaze layer surface underglaze and it can also be used in decal, screen printing, transfer printing, and stencil printing pigment.

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