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So itís finally here Rockies DJ LeMahieu Jersey , with 3D televisions hitting store shelves just a short time ago. People are getting excited, yet nonetheless there is still many concerns that need to be taking care of and the obstacles you acquire when you try to scale down that 3D movie theater experience in your living room. Today we will put those concerns to rest and discuss the many challedges in respects to 3D television.

With all the thrill surrounding 3D HD TVís. There comes a lot of rumors and misconceptions. In this post weíll provide the information and will present the truth to you once and for all. First off you will need 3D glasses if you want to view 3D Television Rockies Gerardo Parra Jersey , however not to many individuals are thrilled about this, but itís a small price to pay for having a 3D movie theater in your living room. Plus a lot ofÖ if not all 3D TVís have the standard TV format. 3D television can be switched on and off at the viewers will.

A great thing about 3D televisions is that some of your previous 2D collections can be watched in 3D. Currently there isnít very many 3D DVD collections out there Rockies Todd Helton Jersey , however you can bring new life to your old Blue Ray or DVD collection by converting them to 3D. Some 3D TVís like the Sony XBR52HX909 are going to have installed converters so you can view 3D TV right out of the box.

Unfortunately if you want a taste of 3D HD television then your gonna have to get a new TV. Due to the fact the technology is so new. Finding an adapter to convert 2D to 3D is very un-likely. The reason being is that 3D TV requires a higher refresh rate around 240Hz, which is almost triple the rate youíll find on store shelves for LCD TVís. For some 3D HD TVís that use active shutter technologies. Youíll only be paying a slightly higher price on the TV Rockies Nolan Arenado Jersey , but the glasses may cost $50-$100 a pair. Other 3D televisions that use polarized film may be a bit more costly, but will offer cheaper 3D glasses.

3D TV has came and went throughout history Rockies Trevor Story Jersey , remember virtual boy? So naturally people are a bit skeptical of 3D television of being a success. 3D TV has a lot of obstacles to face in the home. One thing is the ambient light reducing the 3D effect.

The biggest challenges to the 3D appearance are those big bulky looking 3D glasses. Its almost seems like over 50% of the population do not want to wear them. Some individuals actually complained of eye strain and head aches. While the demo TVís look legit. 3D TV has had very few experiences in the living roomÖ obviously because of it being so new.

So with the pros and cons weighed out and the 3D HDTV experience being so fresh on the market. Itís hard to make a decision. It seems the industry is looking for pioneers to grasp the reigns of 3D television and brag to all the neighbors about how cool your new TV is. The only down side is the glasses. However remeber normal 2D television can be watched with a push of a button with the viewerís will. So problem solved

So, whats better 3D LCD HDTVs or 3D plasma television?

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