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y training success is measured by you allowing your puppy inside and resting assured that when he or she needs to go potty Cheap Toni Kroos Jersey , it happens where and when you want it to happen!

It's a sad statistic to learn that the #1 reason a puppy ends up in a shelter is because of potty training issues. These can be real deal breakers for new owners but there is a solution to it.

Some of the most common questions asked by owners about potty training their puppy are:

Rewards and Punishment...which ones are most effective?

How often does my puppy need to go?

When do I start Potty training my puppy?

Which times must my puppy go potty?

Should I use a crate for training?

How long will it take to train my Puppy?

Heres a letter from a puppy owner that wrote to me recently
"Dear Sarah,
Oops she did it again. That cute little ball of puppy is really starting to stretch the friendship now.
We were the proud new owners of Molly the golden Labrador. She was just so perfect and affectionate but she had a dirty little habit that was really making things tough around the home. We always wanted a dog that could live with us, beside us and sleep at our feet.
Unfortunately for Lilly Cheap Theo Hernandez Jersey , she was looking at a life of peering longingly through the glass sliding doors as she couldn't be trusted inside.
Molly would pee on our carpet, on our tiles, on our floor boards and once she peed on my daughters I heart NY tee.
Even though she looked like an angel Cheap Sergio Ramos Jersey , she had some less than angelic behaviour that was testing us.
So I asked the Vet. ?Oh its common!? he said. Common, perhaps, but it didn't stop her knowing she wasn't alone in the habit.
I started restricting her water Cheap Ruben Yanez Jersey , locking her away on the tiled floor should she pee by putting a barrier across the doorway. I put out newspapers in a designated spot in the laundry hoping she would pee there only.
None of these things seemed to work. I cant tell you how many nights I stood outside in the bitter cold waiting for her to pee or poop! And just when my fingers had gone completely numb from the cold, and I couldn't feel any sensation in my nose I would bring her inside thinking that we would both die of hypothermia if I didn't.
And there she would go. Right in the warm confines of the living room.

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