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Silas attempts to get her pregnant to prevent this, but instead his success leads to an abortion and a violent confrontation with Megan’s father, ending the relationship. Andy tries to develop a relationship with an attractive, sexually formidable administrator Colton Parayko Jersey , Yael Hoffman, at his rabbinical school, but the relationship falls apart once he drops out due to an incident at the grow house where a dog bites off two of his toes, which he thinks will invalidate him for military duty. As the season progresses, Nancy’s children become more aware of her illegal activities Carter Hutton Jersey , though the two sons deal with the issue in quite different ways. Shane continues to have problems fitting in at school and his friends begin to ridicule him for his sexual inexperience, though being hypocritical. To solve this problem, his uncle Andy takes him to a massage parlor to get a “happy ending” hand job. Gaining confidence, Shane joins the debate team in order to get closer to Gretchen (a girl Shane kicked in the hallway), who later becomes his girlfriend. However Jake Allen Jersey , he later breaks up with her because of an infatuation with Andy’s crazed ex-girlfriend, Kat. Silas, on the other hand, takes out his frustrations by committing acts of vandalism, most notably stealing Celia’s drug-free zone signs and cameras Kyle Brodziak Jersey , which he sees as helping his mother. Meanwhile, Nancy has received threats from an Armenian group of dealers who have grow houses all around hers and see her as encroaching on their territory. Nancy tells Peter, and he has them all arrested. Nancy and Conrad’s drug business becomes a hit as Conrad’s strain of plant (which Snoop Dogg dubs “MILFweed” during a chance meeting at a recording studio) pleases their customers; but their high profile causes trouble. Initially, Nancy’s marriage to a DEA agent keeps her on top while her Armenian rivals were busted, but her marriage to Peter deteriorates after she tips off Heylia when the DEA plans to raid her house and Peter pressures her to quit dealing. For Nancy Alex Pietrangelo Jersey , the final straw is when Peter comes over for dinner and manhandles Silas. Nancy calls Conrad and tells him that she doesn’t love Peter but will string him along until the current harvest is done; Peter hears the conversation with wireless surveillance. Meanwhile, Doug and Celia plan to leave their spouses. Celia tells Dean, but Doug refuses to leave his wife, Dana, stating that “she’s a sweetheart” and their affair ends. Dean kicks Celia out of the house and demands a divorce. The season concludes with a complex series of betrayals Paul Stastny Jersey , as Peter demands of Nancy and Conrad all of the cash from a quick sale of their crop. Secretly, Heylia hires Armenian mobsters to kill Peter as she believes Peter is planning to kill Conrad after the deal. Nancy’s buyer, U-Turn (Page Kennedy), demands the entire crop of weed at gunpoint. Having just killed Peter, the Armenian mobsters arrive at the same time and expect the proceeds from the big sale to pay for their hit Dmitrij Jaskin Jersey , but finding that U-Turn plans on stealing the weed and that there is no money, decide they will take the weed instead. Only then does Nancy discover that Silas has decided to force his way into the business through having stolen the entire batch of weed, and then demanded to be part of the business. Having just hidden the batch in his car trunk, he is approached by Celia and a police officer for the theft of the drug-free zone signs and surveillance cameras, as Celia has footage of Silas stealing the last camera.

Click Here to: Watch Weeds Season 7 Episode 1

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