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Facts About Patau Syndrome-Tubal Reversal Health Articles | May 14 Greg Gaines Youth Jersey , 2011
If you or someone you know has recently undergone a reversal of tubal ligation is likely to have concerns about how this procedure can affect the health of a pregnancy. Especially as women age and subjected to procedures such as the reversal of tubal ligation so they can get pregnant, wanting to know more about the health risks and health of their children.

In some cases, after a reversal of tubal ligation, the VAT has questions about their child's risk of genetic anomalies as Patau's syndrome (also called trisomy 13). This disease is caused by the fetus inherits multiple copies of chromosome 13 than normal. Although severe Bobby Evans Youth Jersey , Patau syndrome is fortunately rare and more common among mothers who have undergone tubal reversal.

Patau syndrome is an average of about one in 10,000 live births. Patau syndrome can be detected during a prenatal ultrasound of your obstetrician notice changes in the appearance of your baby. Again, although women who underwent tubal reversal is not subject to more experience with this disorder, patients with tubal reversal are generally older than the average mom and because of their age David Long Youth Jersey , tubal reversal patients are at increased risk. If you're worried about your babies' health and affects the tubal ligation reversal can have on your pregnancy, be sure to discuss your concerns with your obstetrician or gynecologist.

Signs and symptoms of babies born with trisomy 13 (three copies instead of two):

1.??? Motor impaired
2.??? Mental retardation
3.??? Abnormally small head (microcephaly) or large (macrocephaly)
4.??? ?Low abnormally shaped ears
5.??? Extra fingers (polydactyly)
6.??? Abnormal palm
7.??? Abnormal brain
8.??? Heart Defects
9.??? Invalid feet, which may be a matter "rocker-bottom"
10.??? Prominent heels
11.??? Eye defects
12.??? A cleft palate
13.??? Defects of the vertebral column
14.??? Intestinal failure stomach incompletely formed
15.??? Genital abnormalities
16.??? Overlap fingers on the thumb
17.??? Kidney failure

Since the anomalies associated with Patau syndrome is a serious, most of the children in life until his death shortly thereafter. Eighty percent of affected children die within the first month of life Darrell Henderson Youth Jersey , and only 5 percent were alive for six months. When children are likely to survive severe mental retardation, seizures and difficulty to grow and learn new skills.

Most cases of Patau syndrome is not inherited from the mother or father directly, such as eye color, rather Patau syndrome occur randomly because of the inappropriate division of genetic material from either the mother egg or father's sperm before fertilization. Because there is inherited because the disease is called sporadic and no more likely to occur in the mother of another child had become pregnant in the future - if it has been sterilized inversion. Rarely can one parent carrying this extra genetic material and comes from a very mild illness. In these cases Taylor Rapp Youth Jersey , repetition higher than the general population that the genetic defect can be transferred directly to the child. It is also possible that only a few cells in the body of an infant have additional genes in a form called mosaic. Mosaic is very rare. The chance of having another child with trisomy 13 is less than 0.01%.

If a child is diagnosed with trisomy 13, is important for parents to trust their obstetrician or gynecologist and have an open conversation about their concerns and desires for their children. In situations where the obstetrician gynecologist and the patient developed a relationship, like a child before or in cases where the mother has undergone a tubal reversal to get pregnant before any discussion of the decisions facing the family may to be comforting. For babies with Patau syndrome, treatment is decided according to the specific medical situation and the wishes of the family. Treatment usually aims to provide comfort for baby and family during this difficult time. While in the long term should not Cory Littleton Youth Jersey , psychological, physical, medical therapy, occupational therapy Robert Woods Youth Jersey , speech therapy and can help families and children cope and achieve their full potential.

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