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In the spring of March, the breeze swept over the cheeks. We sang the song again. Under the stage, the applause thundered. I stood on the stage and saw the figure again. She was on the stage, smiling, watching us forget, the figure remembered from the beginning of the chorus, the figure, has been around us. When the conductor asked us to start singing Cigarettes For Sale, she would lead us in front, open her mouth and let us enjoy this song: when the conductor criticizes us Wholesale Cigarettes, she will listen carefully and sometimes Head, will also insert two sentences from time to time; at rest, she will be integrated into our big circle, play games together, and laugh together. With this figure, our chorus team became very interesting. Soon after Cheap Cigarettes, the school signed up for the Latvian chorus competition. I heard that this news, this figure will be busy. When I went to the teacher's office to ask questions, I could see the figure. She kept watching the scores, and the pens in her hands made several marks on the score from time to time. In order to compete, this figure spent a lot of thought and began to find a classmate to practice. During the class, I often saw this figure pointing to the chorus of the next class, and she taught the students patiently over and over again. A few naughty classmates didn't listen to her, so she worked hard to find them. After repeated urging, finally, the few favorite classmates were also "subdued" by her. One day after school, I passed through the music classroom, and there was a piano accompaniment that we were going to play. Looking at the window, it was the figure. She was practicing over and over again, playing... my heart suddenly shook. Ah, this figure can't be forgotten! She did not notice me. I walked away quietly, but my heart was like knocking over the five-flavor bottle. The figure, in my mind, stayed for a long time, finally, the flash hit our face, and we sang the song that she had pondered over and over again. At the end of the game, the applause thundered. I saw the figure again in the audience. She smiled and looked at us... I clearly saw that the tears that were spinning in her eyes could not be forgotten. The figure could not forget her efforts and efforts. After five years, I still can��t forget

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