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Computer Numerical Control Market 2016: Global Industry Review, Research, Statistics, and Growth to Marketing Articles | August 9, 2016

Global Market Research Report on Computer Numerical Control Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Computer Numerical Control worldwide.

A Computer numerical control (CNC) is a type of programmable automation directed by mathematical data, which uses microcomputers to carry out machining operations. CNC machines are widely used in manufacturing industry. The traditional machines such as vertical millers, lathe machines David Silva Jersey , shaping machines, routers, etc., which are usually operated by trained engineers have been replaced by computer numerical machines.

CNC machines are largely used in the industry as many of the tools are clubbed together and used as single cell. CNC machines provide high accuracy in manufacturing, less production time, greater manufacturing flexibility, simpler fixturing Kevin De Bruyne Jersey , and reduced human errors. The major drawbacks of CNC machines are is its high cost of implementation, and maintenance. Also, CNC machines could lead to unemployment, as machines are used instead of human resources. These are some factors hindering the growth of CNC market. The regions in the developing countries would use the CNC machines as economies of those countries are expected to grow.

The CNC machines provide accuracy in operation, low production time and hence the CNC machines would be used on a larger scale in future. The benefits of these machines would lead to increase in its use and in turn increase the penetration of CNC machines in the market. The report highlights the benefits, drawbacks and future scope of CNC market.

Computer Numerical Control Analysis by Application

The applications of CNC are majorly classified into machine tool and non machine tool areas. In the machine tool category, CNC are used for drill press Sergio Aguero Jersey , lathe machines, milling machines, lasers, grinding units, sheet-metal press working machines, etc. In non machine tool category, CNC applications include wielding machines Raheem Sterling Jersey , coordinate measuring machines, tape laying & filament winding, electronic assembly, winding machines, etc.

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Computer Numerical Control Analysis by Geography

Presently, CNC finds applications in all geographies, namely North America Europe Vincent Kompany Jersey , Asia-Pacific and RoW. As the economies of the developing countries in Asia Pacific region would slowly grow the use of CNC in this region would increase.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive rivals in the global CNC market are Fanuc Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Siemens AG, Fagor Automation. Bosch Rexroth AG, Sieb & Meyer AG, Heidenhain GmbH, Soft Servo Systems, and GSK CNC EQUIPMENT Co. Ltd

High Level Analysis

The research throws light on the segments of the global CNC market. Porters five force’s model helps in understanding the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers Manchester City Jersey , the competitive rivalry and new players entering into the global CNC market. SWOT analysis helps in decision making and to carve a sustainable niche in the market. The key intermediaries involved in this market are analyzed strategically through the value chain analysis Market trends and forecasts made would help the individual players in predicting the future market growth.


• The research analysis is done on the basis of market segments by applications and geographies to know the depth of segmentation’s in the market
• Report discusses the uses, benefits and drawbacks of the CNC, which provides a clear view about the CNC technology in the global CNC market
• Analysis focuses on current market trends, driving and limiting factors of the global CNC market, which helps in understanding the global CNC market in depth
• Strategic decisions of the key competitors in the global CNC market can be understood through the Porter’s five force model and SWOT analysis
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