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Movie Name: Everything Must Go
Related Cast: Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall Justin Houston Hoodie , Christopher Jordan Wallace
Category: Comedy Movies, Drama Movies
Duration: 98 Min
Director: Dan Rush

Plot : Everything Must Go is a Dan Rush direction. Dan also wrote a part of the story which is basically extracted form a short story 鈥?Why Don鈥檛 You Dance. The movie tags that Lost is a good place to find yourself. And something of this sort is well depicted in the movie that revolves around Nick Halsey is a drunkard. He consumes a lot of alcohol and when he reverts back to his old habit sit causes him the loss of his beloved wife and the source of income that is his job. Left with nothing and no one Nick tries to set things right by starting over it again and decides to sell off his front lawn. And a new mysterious neighbor proves to be his greatest friend and a sweet company to be around.
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