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I should let you know Mr or Mrs reader Black Dak Prescott Jersey , in the business of feet, there is no such thing as a perfect foot. I have yet to come across a person who has never had foot pain (or at least discomfort) of some sort at some point in time. It鈥檚 the nature of the body part.

There is a unique chain of events that occur in the lower extremities in order for us to move, groove and shake to get us to where we鈥檙e getting. If you remember the rhyme, the hip bone is connected to the leg bone Black Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , the leg bone is connected to the knee bone, and all the way down to the foot. It all ends in the foot. When the stress of holding and supporting the entire body becomes too much for the foot, things start to break down.

Most injuries, no matter where they are Black Emmitt Smith Jersey , will heal with a little time. Problems with the feet present a different challenge when a musculoskeletal injury occurs. Bend a finger the wrong way and you can use the other hand for a few weeks. Hurt your shoulder? A sling and some advil will fix you up. Chronic issues in the lower extremities, especially the feet, are more difficult to treat because very few humans walk on their hands. Every step taken will cause further pain and swelling once an issue arises in the foot.

The best way we can control the mechanics of the foot is with a custom orthotic, fabricated for the individual. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檝e seen similar products on the shelves of most shoe stores Tony Pollard Jersey , but: a) these aren鈥檛 medical devices, and b) these aren鈥檛 customized to the anatomic contours of the patient. To properly support the foot, an orthotic needs to be made of materials strong enough to reposition the foot, and padded well enough to make the device comfortable.

Through my extensive training in sports medicine and experience rehabilitating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries Connor McGovern Jersey , I have seen many different formulations of orthotic devices. I say without reservation that those offered by Advanced Podiatry are far superior to most I鈥檝e seen. They will talor the device to suit the patient鈥檚 lifestyle and shoe choices to allow for the best combination of function and fit.

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The freeway was relatively clear. It was early in the morning as we rushed in south-southwest direction out of town. The lights of the city were still burning brightly at this early hour of the morning, but they became smaller and farther away as we raced off in our chosen freedom!!

And so it is.

Every once in a while we just need to get out of town. Anyone out there old enough to remember the old T.V. series, "Gunsmoke", would also know the reference of "getting out of Dodge".

The lights of the city are alluring. The necessity of taking up residence is important for us in the occupations and responsibilities and demands of life. We need to eat. We need to live. But sometimes we just need to get out of town. Even if for nothing more than a very short break from the consuming chores and cares of our daily lives.

And a side note: It's more fun to get out of Dodge with someone special. We talk Trysten Hill Jersey , we read, and we sing together. We curl up with each other and watch the miles passing by. But do it together. The escape to freedom is so much sweeter when you escape with someone you love!

Bob Curtis has been writing articles, short fiction, and poetry for over 30 years. He is currently the managing director of Randall Cobb Jersey , and is the president of Nexus Publishing, .

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