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hard. Even exciting changes can prove difficult. Eagerly anticipated changes are still upheaval and therefore have the potential to be painful. There are different reasons adjusting to retirement may prove to be somewhat stressful. And with the average life span continually increasing Michael Lang Trikot , most people can expect to spend more time in the retirement stage of life. In order to fully enjoy the ease of the retirement years, solutions need to be found for potential problems.

1. Problem: Retiring at Different Times

For couples where both work outside the home, its not unusual for one of the partners to retire before the other, which brings change and therefore a new kind of stress on the relationship. The partner still working may be jealous of the new found freedom the other has. Or the opposite could be true in that the retiree may be jealous of the purpose the other still has in their life. Both partners can end up resentful of and hurt by the other as they both adjust to one of them retiring.


Acknowledge and realize, as a couple, that transitions are scary Manuel Akanji Trikot , even ones as exciting as retirement. In the same way that all the other life adjustments and stresses a couple has encountered before (such as kids, moves, job changes) have been opportunity for arguments and distance between them, the life style change to retirement is no different. Tackle this new stage of life with the same commitment to communication, patience, flexibility Nico Elvedi Trikot , and compromise.

2. Problem: Boredom and Feeling Purposeless

After spending years with clear purpose and direction, retirement may feel void of direction or a big black hole of purposelessness. Or what about those that may be able to find things to do around the house, but still don t feel like they ve accomplished anything truly worthwhile at the end of the day and puttering around the house feels pointless instead.


Many retirees fill their days with the hobbies they ve always wanted to pursue but have never had enough time, energy, or money to devote to before. But for some, hobbies aren t enough to fill the now empty days. Volunteering Leo Lacroix Trikot , part time or seasonal jobs, and physical activities are a great way to get out of the house, feel useful, and continue to engage and challenge your mind and now retired body. Retirement is a new opportunity to set and work towards goals.

3. Problem: Loss of Friends

Particularly for those who made many friends through the office and social butterflies who crave the interaction the bustling work place offered, retiring can be lonely. Or for the retiree moving to warmer weather or to be closer to the grandkids, you have lost not only the human interaction from your co workers Stephan Lichtsteiner Trikot , but also the social network and support outside of the office, such as church, neighbors, or clubs.


Retirement means having more time available, and even though you might not get the daily interaction from surrounding co workers, there are still many people out in the world Yann Sommer Trikot , potential friends, waiting to be discovered, the trick is figuring out how to get to them. That might mean getting to know neighbors or joining a club (to match a hobby). If you already have a network of friends outside of work, but are planning on moving when you retire, why not consider a retirement community? Making new friends isn t easy, but having so much in common with those nearby will help make the transition easier.

4. Problem: Forced Into Retirement and Financial Unknowns

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