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Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation
There are several hallmarks of cancer developed in the stepwise development of human tumors. The hallmarks help to explain the complexities of the neoplastic disease. The hallmarks include sustaining the proliferative signaling, avoiding the suppressors of growth, cell death resistance Cheap Discount Jerseys , replicative immortality, angiogenesis induction, and the activation of invasion and metastasis (Hanahan & Weinberg Cheap Jerseys , 2011). Genome instability generates the genetic diversity that enhances most of the hallmark functions. The progress in the last decade has led to the emergence of reprogramming of energy metabolism and evading of immune destruction. The research paper proposed the outlined six hallmarks of cancer that constitute a principle providing a logical framework to understand the remarkable diversity of neoplastic diseases.
The research provides a helpful conceptual framework to understand the complex biology of cancer. The capabilities are integral components of different types of cancer. The research is unclear as to whether the future advancements will cause significant shifts in the pathogenetic mechanisms of cancer.
The research article is very informative on the development of methods used in the treatment of human cancer. The study helps to clarify and also modify the initial formulation of the hallmark capabilities in human cancer development. From the information presented, it is evident that there are efforts made to realize novel mechanisms for contributing to the research of cancer treatment methods.
In spite of the article being informative, there are some issues that may limit its intended purpose. First is the use of some research articles in the review of literature that are more than ten years old. The choice of research articles to base the study is significant in influencing its intended purpose. Next is the lack of a clear study design that can lead to a possible hypothesis and conclusion. However Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , the article provides a comprehensive discussion of the biology of cancer which is helpful to researchers in the field.

Hanahan, D., & Weinberg Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap , R. A. (2011) Hallmarks of cancer: the next generation. Cell, 144(5), 646-674. DOI 10.1016 .2011.02.013

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