#1 face the Cleveland Indians in Game 1 on Tuesday.---1 a.m.Chicago Cubs fans are turning their attention to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.Large crowds of people hit the streets outside Wrigley Field on Saturday night after the Cubs beat th von dasg234 09.06.2019 07:25

There were equal elements of awe and absurdity in Charlottes corkscrew moonsault off the top rope and onto the floor on Monday night which echoed the current state of WWEs flagship Raw brand.In one sense, Charlottes high-risk move was another step in the rapid evolution of the WWE womens division. In another, the move was sloppily executed and more dangerous than it was worth, with both Charlotte and Sasha Banks (who was able to get underneath it just in time to help absorb the impact) lucky to avoid serious injury.The same could be said about WWEs choice to have its Raw womens championship change hands on Monday for the third time in three months as Banks went on to submit Charlotte and regain the title, setting up a likely return match at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 30 in Banks hometown of Boston.Having its top two female superstars in Mondays main event was a strong and necessary statement unto itself, with their feud having produced some of Raws top moments since the July brand extension. But there was an equal level of break glass in case of emergency feel to the outcome thanks to Raws current position.Over the past year, Raw has often been at its best immediately following a stretch of sagging ratings and poor critical reception, with the negativity helping to motivate WWEs creative team in ways that the companys lack of legitimate outside competition has been unable to.Raw certainly found itself in the same position on Monday. Yet, for as entertaining and physical as Banks victory over Charlotte was, the result felt more like a desperate reach for ratings than the next logical step in their story. It also felt like a band aid to cover an otherwise uneven show.Instead of Banks title win -- her second on free TV in the past three months -- further cementing the feeling that anything can happen at any time on Monday night, it reinforced Raws lack of consistency despite an advantage in resources compared to in-house rival SmackDown Live.Thats not to say that Raw didnt have plenty of strong moments on Monday, or that Banks-Charlotte did anything to dissuade the idea that they are already deserving to one day soon headline a pay-per-view. But both the show and the match relied on high spots and flash for entertainment as a cover for a multitude of sins underneath.Raws gamble ultimately worked on Monday largely because of the undeniable talent and envelope-pushing nature of Banks and Charlotte, whose rivalry appears destined for greatness. This type of booking, however, cant become the norm for Raw as it struggles to produce equally compelling content on a week-to-week basis.If the recent brand extension has taught us anything over the past three months, its that the writers of SmackDown Live are providing the blueprint to where WWE should be headed by keeping it simple and allowing the personality of their characters to organically grow without compromising the natural progression of the overall story.Charlottes moonsault and Banks surprising win were great treats to behold within a vacuum, providing plenty of next-day headlines and must-watch GIFs on social media. But its where Raws creative direction goes from here that will decide whether the timing was worth it.Hits and missesIts becoming difficult to discern whether Sasha Banks is a master at selling, or whether her increasingly-reckless style leaves her legitimately hurt after most spots. Either way, despite its entertainment value, her match with Charlotte on Monday felt a bit too much like their high-spot littered match at SummerSlam and less like their July 25 classic on Raw. Heres to hoping the two talented women slow things down just a bit to avoid the kind of injury that might derail their otherwise enthralling rivalry.THIS. JUST. HAPPENED! #RAW #WomensChampionship @MsCharlotteWWE @SashaBanksWWE pic.twitter.com/RndCp73X0r- WWE (@WWE) October 4, 2016With fatigue at an all-time high in the Roman Reigns-Rusev feud following their 35-minute match (not a typo) to open last weeks episode, the pairing did well to restore interest during a short and powerful segment to open this weeks Raw. Reigns and Lana continued to prove how well they work together by trading one-liners, including Lana using her charm and accent to humorously exclaim, Wipe your smile off your face, you stupid boy. While the brief brawl between Reigns and Rusev was fast-paced, fun and violent, it was a return to the overall storyline (however clunky it appears on paper) of the maniacal Rusev fighting for his wifes honor that brought structure back to the feud.The slow burn feel to the build of Seth Rollins feud with?Triple H, and by proxy Stephanie McMahon, is becoming increasingly more compelling than his actual feud with Universal champion Kevin Owens. Rollins run-in on Monday, costing Owens in his tag-team match against The New Day, was predictable and ineffective. But the use of a pre-taped sitdown interview with Michael Cole did well to add depth to the mindset of Rollins character, as did his backstage argument with McMahon, where Rollins once again threatened to burn Raw straight to the ground and take everyone with him. While fans are undoubtedly worn out by the idea of another babyface vs. The Authority storyline, seeds for an eventual payoff between Rollins and Triple H had been planted for more than a year. If anyone can make this work, its Rollins, with McMahons evil smirk as he walked away teasing of more to come.Just about everything Brian Kendrick has touched of late in his return to WWE at the age of 37 has turned to gold. From his look to his heel promos and his strong in-ring work, Kendrick has quickly become the backbone of the WWEs new cruiserweight division. While Im almost never a fan of champions losing cleanly in non-title matches on free TV, Kendricks submission victory over T.J. Perkins on Monday worked well within their overall storyline. Perkins, the champion, may have been slightly weakened with the loss, but considering his booking as a fresh-faced newcomer who has constantly overcome the odds, it will only add fuel for his retribution at the next PPV.Speaking of cruiserweights, in just two appearances on Raw, Tony Nese has already established himself as must-see within the division. Nese has done well to build a cocky heel persona with a style that perfectly balances physicality with athleticism. Hes like a nastier version of Neville, with much more personality to his character.Just as viewers began to grow tired of Braun Strowmans weekly run of squashes, it was smart booking this week to have Strowman share in that displeasure, while finally being allowed to talk. Having him call out general manager Mick Foley was a nice touch, with Strowman saying that if he doesnt start getting me some real competition next week, there might not be a next week. His full-speed corner splash on enhancement talent Chase Silver this week was as vicious and stiff a move as we have seen from Strowman up to this point.As much as I want this Sheamus and Cesaro pairing to work out for both performers, neither can carry the load from a talking standpoint that is currently being asked of them, which was apparent on Monday.For as much credit as Raw deserves for playing to its strengths by creating a dialogue segment (and subsequent tag team match) allowing five of its best talkers to work their magic, the momentum was quickly destroyed by gratuitous celebrity involvement. The New Days interruption of Owens and Chris Jericho produced a series of hilarious one-liners that was the heart of Mondays three-hour show. But allowing actors Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson to hijack the show with a forced backstage segment and a painfully long guest role on commentary was unacceptable. Fans can put up with celebrity crossover to a point, even if the forced attempts at humor and constant plugs for their upcoming movies and shows becomes annoying (which this weeks certainly was). But Kutcher and Masterson were given way too much liberty to act like heels without any notion of comeuppance for their reckless ways, which only put themselves over while burying both the in-ring talent and the announce team they took shots at. Ask yourself this: Would Roddy Piper have been OK in 1985 with an actor showing up on camera and grabbing his gimmick out of his hands as Masterson did by commandeering the List of Jericho without any legitimate payback? While the handling of kayfabe is much more relaxed in 2016, WWE should have done better to protect itself.Actor Ryan Phillippe was given a front-row seat to Raw on Monday in a cross promotion for his upcoming USA Network show Shooter. So what did the 42-year-old do when the camera panned his way? The same thing any of us would have done had when we were 15, of course: a D-Generation X style crotch chop. Well played, Phillippe. Well played.Move of the nightIt would seem as if this were a no-brainer, with Charlottes corkscrew moonsault from the top rope drawing the biggest oohs and ahhs from viewers. But despite plenty of respect for her attempt, she nearly missed the dangerous move altogether. This weeks honor goes to Xavier Woods of The New Day, who often fails to get the credit he deserves as an actual wrestler because of how often his ability on the microphone relegates him to the role of quasi-manager. But Woods textbook Tope Con Hilo onto Kevin Owens was an absolute thing of beauty.THERE GOES @XavierWoodsPhD!!! #RAW #NewDayRocks pic.twitter.com/CmRcU1LwGL- WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) October 4, 2016Line of the nightTogether, youve compromised the health and safety of children all over the world by feeding them questionable cereal. Good job. 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Young formally announced his retirement Friday after returning to Rangers Ballpark, his baseball home for all but the last of his 13 major league seasons.CHICAGO -- The Latest on fan reaction to Chicago Cubs advancing to the World Series (all times local):3:30 p.m.President Barack Obama is giving it up for the Chicago Cubs.Obama posted a message of Holy Cow and congratulations Sunday on Twitter, adding: Even this White Sox fan was happy to see Wrigley rocking last night.Obama is a well-known fan of the Cubs crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox.First lady Michelle Obama beat the president to it earlier Sunday with her own tweet celebrating the Cubs pennant win.---1:45 p.m.Police say the celebration of the Chicago Cubs winning the National League championship was nearly trouble-free.Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says it was a very safe and enjoyable celebration Saturday night. He says officers made only six misdemeanor arrests in a crowd they estimated at 300,000.Arrestees were cited for unlawful sale of tickets, obstructing traffic, disorderly conduct and other misdemeanors.---This item has been corrected to show there were an estimated 300,000 people, not 30,000.---12:15 p.m.Loyal Chicago Cubs fans as far south as San Antonio, Texas, are thrilled to see their team headed to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.Chicago native Jimmy Tingas owns Wrigleyville Grill in San Antonio where he caters to homesick former Chicagoans still craving hot dogs and Italian beef. The 47-year-old restaurant owner says his customers enjoy sharing their memories of blizzards, basketball championships and two Mayor Daleys.On Saturday, Tingas and his Wrigleyville Grill patrons watched the Cubs win Game 6 of the NL Championship Series. He says people were going nuts and many shed tears.Tingas says fans are shaking off superstition like the infamous billy goat curse. But as he puts it: When we win the World Series were going to have roasted goat, Ill tell you that.---11 a.m.Dorothy Farrells face is familiar to anyone who watched the Chicago Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to advance to the World Series: Shes the 90-year-old season-ticket holder who was beaming with jubilation in a front-row seat.Fox Sports interviewed Farrell after the Cubs won Game 6 of the NL Championship Series on Saturday night in Chicago. She says shes not worried about the Cleveland Indians, who the Cubs will face Tuesday in Game 1.As Farrell put it, I just wished wish my brothers were alive to see this ... They loved the Cubs. And my father did too. But theyre all dead now. This old ladys still living.When asked how she would celebrate the win, she said: Ill probably have a Jagermeister.---10:20 a..dddddddddddd.m.The victorious Chicago Cubs are earning cheers from their crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox.The White Sox posted its congratulations to the National League champions on Twitter. The White Sox most recent World Series win was in 2005.The citys other professional sports teams are also adding their praise. Tweets from the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Fire are saluting the Cubs.The Cubs face the Cleveland Indians in Game 1 on Tuesday.---9:45 a.m.First lady Michelle Obama is congratulating her hometown Chicago Cubs after the team clinched an appearance in the World Series.The Chicago native on Sunday morning tweeted: Way to go Cubs!! She then recalled her father, saying My Dad is the reason Im a true Cubs fans. Hed be so proud!She signed off on the tweet from her (at)FLOTUS account with her personal signature, -mo, meaning she wrote the message herself.President Barack Obama is a well-known fan of the Cubs crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox.---9 a.m.Chicago Cubs fans are waking up to a new reality: Their team is headed to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.Many still-stunned fans took to social media Sunday morning to ask if theyd been dreaming and to catch up on the posts from famous Cubs fans.Comedian and actor Bob Newhart posted a photo of himself, his grandchildren and the W flag they made for him.Actor John Cusack posted two words last night along with a photo of the team celebrating at Wrigley Field. As he put it: Its. Done.Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued a statement Saturday night celebrating the pennant win. He says: The fun continues in Cleveland on Tuesday night.The Cubs face the Cleveland Indians in Game 1 on Tuesday.---1 a.m.Chicago Cubs fans are turning their attention to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.Large crowds of people hit the streets outside Wrigley Field on Saturday night after the Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 of the NL Championship Series and advanced to the World Series for the first time since 1945.A majority of the fans celebrated peacefully, with many taking selfies in front of the stadium. Police say one person was arrested after climbing a traffic pole.Longtime fan Brian Dusza was at the game. He says he never thought hed see such a win, adding: I cant even describe what Im feeling.Chicago faces the Cleveland Indians in Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday. ' ' '

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