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HOUSTON http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/eric-decker/ , Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Floating colonies of fire ants are posing another threat to Houston residents who are still reeling from the catastrophic flooding left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

These venomous ants have water-repellant waxy bodies, and they link together to form a mass that may contain as many as 100,000 as they look for a dry place to survive the floods and rebuild their home.

Entomologists said such behavior of fire ants is totally normal, but an unwanted encounter with these tiny creatures may lead to life-threatening allergic reactions depending on the severity of stings.

Most people just feel a burning sensation and are left with a red patch of skin, but an allergic reaction can trigger anaphylactic shock http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/kevin-byard/ , which can include welts and trouble breathing, entomologists warned.

Experts strongly advised people not to disturb or mess with these fire ants.

Once the first few ants sting, they would emit a kind of substance called "pheromone" to inform other ants to follow suit, experts said, noting that the best thing to do is to rub them off as quickly as possible.

"They don't come to attack you. They're just passively floating along. It's a matter of being just intelligent and evasive http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/derrick-henry/ ," Larry Gilbert, a professor of integrated biology at the University of Texas at Austin, told technology news website The Verge.

If it's impossible to avoid the path of fire ants, entomologist Molly Keck suggested creating waves to move them a few inches away.

Experts noted that the rusty color of fire ants make it easy for people to spot and take precautions.

There have been no public reports of flood victims suffering fire ant attacks as of midday Tuesday, according to NBC News.

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China's Discovery ROV collects samples in western Pacific Ocean

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Are water sports your thing? Do you take pleasure in recreational diving? Is your watch appropriate for such fun activities? Or, do you need to leave it back at room for the fear of causing it accidental damages? In such cases, the Stuhrling Original Diver’s 676.01 SET comes up as the timepiece of choice. Inexpensive http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/jonnu-smith/ , solid, sturdy and precise, it is for the fun lover who is willing to take the fun up by several notches. Stuhrling has struck the real soft spot for divers with their Aquadiver 676.

The 676 embodies oceanic expeditions. Built for the wild and open seas and underneath, its unique, unidirectional http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/taywan-taylor/ , rotating bezel shows its appropriateness for underwater usage. The bezel allows to accurately measure durations spent underwater, while on the ground, it helps to keep track of elapsed time.

The Aquadiver 676 is all about remaining calm, collected and sporty by nature. Classy by many more things than just a design, this is a timepiece to add another level to watch-wearing experience. You may don it to an elegant affair http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/adoree-jackson/ , take it out to the sea and haul heavy things around preparing for a voyage. Immerse it in water adventures; it is where you can feel Stührling Original’s technical prowess and beautiful dive concepts.

It is constructed from solid stainless steel with a unidirectional, ratchet-ing bezel on top of the dial, surrounding the Krysterna crystal - a more shatter-resistant watch glass variety than the sapphire crystals. They are also more scratch-resistant than mineral crystals, meaning it’s not going to break easy. Making a crack stands a chance once in a blue moon. This is because Krysterna has more strength over a spread surface area than both sapphire and mineral crystals. The metalcrystal combination makes it a suitable watch for heavy-duty use.

The dial has a simple, yet dark elegance to it. Black and red makes the contrast is high yet not as to hurt the eyes. The matte finish makes it easy to read http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/corey-davis/ , even 200 meters deep! A high grade stainless steel bracelet holds the Stuhrling Original Atrium Watch to your wrist. The overall construction conveys durability, including the Ronda 515 Swiss quartz movement.

This Stuhrling Original Ascot Watches is also very easy to read. The watch’s colour elements both complement and contrast each other to offer a sharp view. You can read it without bringing it closer to your nose.

The Stuhrling Original Monaco Watch Aquadiver pretty hard to beat on the price point and its features makes it a serious consideration for those wanting something good within a budget. At 42mm (d) vs 14mm (thick), it is also suitable for first time watch wearers, bordering between neither too big, nor too small.

Have you ever had an accident with ink and leather? Or how about getting gum off of it? Well That's OK http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/delanie-walker/ , it's not the end of the world. If you (or your kids :) marked up your sofa or your car seats with a little ink stain or got some gum on your sofa, here are a few solutions for you.

The answers are not quite as easy as you might think, because there are different factors involved in each situation. For instance, with ink stains, you need to consider the type of leather and ink type. Pay attention to the type of leather you're dealing with http://www.cheapnfljerseystitans.com/demarco-murray/ , and everything should work out fine. Ok, here we go...

Getting Ink Stains Off Leather

When it comes to getting ink stains out of leather, ball point ink is the worst because it's oil-based. Other types of ink such as a fountain pen or roller ball tend to be easier since they are water-based. That does not mean getting the ink stain out is.

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