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SHANGHAI Washington Redskins T-Shirts , Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- "Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" said Jiao Jiao, who was stationed at a booth at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

"I can also sing songs, too," the tiny voice continued. As she finished, the hit song "Little Apple" started blasting from speakers in the hall.

Jiao Jiao, is a robot developed by a technology company in east China's Jiangsu Province. She is one of the many high-tech robots drawing the crowds at the ongoing China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.

Expectations are high among manufacturers as they rush to make industrial robots to offset China's lack of workers and soaring labor costs.

At the Shanghai expo, which runs from Nov. 3 to 7, both domestic and foreign manufacturers have brought their latest robots in sate to China's appetite for smart products.

Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd Washington Redskins Hoodie ,, which has its headquarters in northeast China's Shenyang City, chose the expo to unveiled China's first domestic seven-axis robot.

"Our product is of highly flexibility and precise," a Siasun spokesperson said at the expo. "It will contribute to industrial manufacturing."

The importance of industrial robots is reflected in the decision to expand the robot exhibition area to 30,000 square meters this year, 20,000 square meters more than last year, according to the event organizer.

Chinese businesses are looking to industrial robots to ease the pressure of a lack of manpower. China is currently the world's biggest robot market. Some 56 Customized Redskins Jersey ,000 industrial robots were sold here last year, up 55 percent year on year -- accounting for one quarter of global robot sales, according to China Economic and Social Council.

The government has named robots one of the ten key industries to develop in a fresh government blueprint that outlines China's development for the next five years.

"As the robotics industry gains steam, robots will not only expand to dangerous jobs, but also replace cheap labor at repetitive and boring jobs," said Dai Liu, head of the Shanghai Robot Industry Association. "I see bright prospects for the industry."

There are many and several causes of stress in the modern workplace. Long hours, unreasonable deadlines Cheap Washington Redskins Jerseys , stretched targets, lack of clear management, not having the correct tools for the job and even unpalatable colleagues. In fact, the list is somewhat endless, and even those who claim to enjoy their work sometimes fall foul of stress in the workplace.

One element of stress, which many otherwise interpret as being rather glamorous, is international work-related travel. While the Silicon Valley daughter proudly announces that “dad works in London”, dad if often not as enthusiastic Deshazor Everett Redskins Jersey , especially if he’s been through it all before previously in another part of the world.

Short-term, international business working has become more popular with companies, as the cost can be lower than permanent relocation. And London, as one of the world’s major cities, has, for decades, seen inward international work movement on an increasing scale.

Clarendon Serviced Apartments, with almost 25 years in the business Rob Kelley Redskins Jersey , have seen dramatic changes to the extended-stay apartment market in London. For a start, the ‘high-flying’ executives are far more demanding than they used to be. The novelty of spending an extended-stay in a hotel, is simply no longer a novelty.

One of the main reasons is that, to put it simply, a hotel is not a home. A hotel provides a single room – admittedly sometimes quite luxurious – but a single room nevertheless. It’s very much a sleeping place, not a living and working place. And while a hotel is fine for a short stay or holiday, as a ‘home’ base for more than a month, it quickly loses its sparkle. And when this occurs Zach Brown Redskins Jersey , stress can set in.

So if you have travelled thousands of miles to work away from home on an extended-stay basis, just how do you relax?

Some years ago, Clarendon Services Apartments undertook a study in consultation with well-known psychologist “Agony Aunt”, Donna Dawson, who specialises in personality and behaviour and who has guested on many television programmes and in the media over the years.

She questioned how a busy, travelling, business executive can achieve a good, healthy balance between work and life when away from home. With a relaxed home life being one of the primary antidotes to stress at work D.J. Swearinger Redskins Jersey , the traveller is not only away from the familiar home environment, but also away from family and friends.

So much so, that a World Bank in America survey found that stress-related psychological problems for the partners of frequent travellers were themselves three times higher than those whose spouses stayed at home! So it’s not just the traveller who feels the pressure of being away from home.

But it’s very much a ‘needs must’ approach that is necessary, as opposed to a luxury for the main income-generator to have to spend an extended period working abroad, especially if they are employed by an international business.

So if you are on your own, away from home, how can something such as accommodation help cure the stresses of being away from home and family?

For a start, it’s vital to have your own private Stacy McGee Redskins Jersey , quality space. Somewhere you can retire to at the end of the day, lock the door and relax.

Now, while a hotel room can provide this on a short-term basis, it is but a room, just somewhere to sleep, and not an alternative to a home. On the other hand, short to medium-term serviced apartment accommodation in London can provide all the advantages – sometimes many more – of the best hotels, with the added bonus of all the comforts of home.

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